Modern technology plays an integral part in our lives, and kitchen appliances are also included in the advancement process. In earlier generations, gas stoves were the only option of cooking food in India. People had no other choice. But nowadays there are different other modes of cooking as well. From electric gas ovens to induction cooktops, nowadays, people even cook their entire meal in microwave ovens with convection mode. But are the said modes better than the Best Gas Stove in India? The answer is no. Studies say that gas stoves are way more convenient than other modern kitchen appliances. Read this entire article to know the right reasons.

Reasons why you should get a gas stove oven for your household

The following ideas will for you to search for the best gas stove to buy in India. They are given in the following.

Cooking is way faster

Many people have this misconception that induction ovens or electric cooktops cook food faster than conventional gas ovens. But it is a myth. The truth is that gas stove ovens heat up way faster than other appliances because they do not need any surface to heat up. As there is an open flame, you can start cooking right away. In the case of electric or induction cooktops, you need to wait for some time for their surface to heat up. Apart from faster heating, the gas cooktops cool down pretty quickly, whereas, induction or electric cooktops remain hot for a long time.

Optimum temperature control

Not only gas stoves, but induction or electric ovens cook food entirely, but the thing that sets gas stoves apart from them is that you can control the temperature pretty quickly in case of gas stoves. Electric ovens do not allow you to control the temperature smoothly. If you are not an experienced cook, you may end up with burnt or uncooked food while cooking on anything other than gas stoves.

Ease of usage

Gas stove ovens are way more user-friendly than any other modes of cooking. For example, in the case of gas stoves, you do not need to buy any particular category of utensils to cook food. You will be able to prepare your meal with any group of utensils you have in your house. But in the case of induction cooktops, you need to buy specific appliances to cook your meal. Otherwise, the equipment will not even start.

Moreover, gas stoves let you use more cumbersome utensils, which are more significant in volume to cook food for a large number of people. You cannot do the same in induction or electric cooktops. Those equipment accommodate utensils for a lesser amount of people.


Even though you might get induction or electric cooktops that are quite affordable but you should remember that the monthly expense incurred by the said appliances are way more than gas stove ovens. If you do the correct calculation, you will figure out that electricity costs more than fuel, and the best gas stove in India will allow you to use a gas cylinder for way longer. Moreover, gas stove ovens are sturdier than induction or electric cooktops because they are heavier and not that easy to get damaged.

If you are determined about getting the best gas stove to buy in India, then this article should help you immensely. Even if you had any doubt about getting any other modes for cooking, then after reading this article, you will get to make the right decision. You should always buy the one that is perfect for your kitchen.

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