In recent times, Google has become more sophisticated in spotting poor quality links and WebPages. Perhaps your link service is the type that promises tons of high PR links for ridiculously low service fee; also if you use automated system to generate links, it is most likely that Google would penalize your site for attempting to play a fast game on them.

It is simply logical, since you can locate that automated system, Google in all its sophistication can do so as well, and even faster. So, trying to play a fast one on Google would only be for your own detriment.

One of the best ways to rank better on Google is to solicit for links from related sites and other sources that would link to your website on their own.

Ways to generate natural backlinks:

  • Your website should be link-worthy
    A link-worthy website is characterized by informative quality content. Other webmasters would be reluctant to link to your site if your site is a mere collection of affiliate links. The types of contents that webmasters like to-link-to include controversial publications, ‘How to articles’, as well as top 10 lists. An interesting website would naturally attract links
  • Ensure that your website is featured on the right category
    Although links from internet directories do not have much direct effect again, these directories enable you to categorize your website appropriately. With many directories that are able to categorize your website correctly, Google would get the signal that your site is contextually well placed and would rank it high as a result.
  • Be a problem solver
    If your site features a content that is solution-oriented to an identifiable problem, get in touch with related sites and point them to such content. The blogs and websites you are contacting to link to the content, should also be similar to the subject matter of the content, and preferably must have written on the topic before.
  • Direct links to different WebPages on your site and do not use the same link texts
    The website influences the structure of a natural backlink design. For some websites, most of the links come to the home page; while in some other sites, the links are distributed among the webpages.

Finally, implore the websites that link to yours to use the keywords you intend ranking high in the linked text. Also, ensure that the linked texts are not the same; otherwise the whole thing may appear automated.

Generating relevant backlinks is very essential if you must rank high on Google and other search engines.

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