Women are usually those who are greatly affected when it comes to breaking up. They don’t easily get over as past relationship especially if the guy is the one who broke up with them. Regardless of who decided to end the relationship and whatever the reason is, moving on and letting go is not all the time a helpful alternative especially if you really love your ex.

Although you are not really sure whether the relationship can still work or not after the breakup, there is no problem of getting him back. You can still try to win back your ex boyfriend by using the following useful approaches. Who knows, you might get him back with these tips.

1. Think of the reason why he broke up with you

Most guys break up with their girlfriends because they have probably seen a few negative changes in their attitude. It is either you become so into him that you don’t give him time for himself or you become too lax about your relationship with him. As soon as you find out what made him reject you, you will now know the first thing you need to do to win him back.

2. Keep your self busy

Try to focus more on your self and keep your self busy. These techniques are good outlets for negative feelings and make you feel better. Once you have pulled yourself together, find time to meet new people or go out with friends. This will keep your mind off your ex. At times, your friends will even help you on how you can bring back your past relationship.

3. Avoid talking and being with him

Forcing your self to talk or meet with him will only make him feel you are head-over-heels in love with him. He will just play hard even more. If you have common friends and you see each other every get-together, ignore him. Imagine that his not present.

Never approach or talk to him first. If he does take the first move, keep the conversation plain and simple. Give him the benefit of the doubt so he becomes more interested in you. On the other hand, while you are avoiding him, keep on doing the things that attracts him. By doing so, he will be the one running crazy after you.

4. Be yourself

Usual breakups happen because either partner no longer sees the attitude that they once love about their partner. Bring back that attitude because it might have been the reason why your ex-guy got attracted to you in the first place. Being yourself is top method to get your ex to love you again. Be that girl your guy once knew and loved and win back your ex-boyfriend.

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