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Ask any professional health practitioner. He or she will always advise you to do one thing to keep yourself healthy: make sure you can control stress. Now not all types of stress are bad. Some are actually good, since they force you to be more motivated and the rewards provide you with a high level of fulfillment. But usually stress is bad—for several reasons.

Stress can affect you physically. It can cause lack of sleep, feeling of sluggishness all throughout the day, change of appetite, weight loss or gain, hair loss, sleeping disorder, and muscle tension, to name a few. Research shows that it will eventually cause the immunity to drop. That is why you are more prone to illness when you are into too much stress. However, it increases cortisol as well as cholesterol and heart rate, making you susceptible to heart attacks.

It can also affect you mentally and socially. You will become moody, frustrated, hopeless, helpless, and agitated for most of the time. A lot suffer from burnout, depression, and anxiety attacks. In the process, it can damage personal and working relationships.

So how do you exactly combat stress these days? Here are some of the best tips:

Begin each day with meditation. The secret to the happiest man on earth is not riches or friends and family. It is actually meditation. This process allows you to achieve peace of mind and inner self, regardless of the uncertainties, challenges, and worries you are currently facing.

Meditation boosts your immune system, gives you plenty of stamina for the rest of the day, relaxes your muscles and nerves, and increases serotonin secretion, which encourages positive mood and behavior.

Use subliminal messages. You can also call subliminal messages auto-suggestions or affirmations. The subliminal messages are positive statements that you embed into your subconscious. They can help change your thinking pattern. Thus, if you are feeling something negative, you can overpower or get rid of them by making use of subliminal messages such as “I can do it,” “I have the power to change my life,” “I have the grace to accept things I cannot control,” etc.

These subliminal messages can be coupled with self-hypnosis or visualization techniques. You can also listen to subliminal messages while you are doing meditations. The key to unleashing its potential is to listen consistently or regularly.

Learn to accept things you cannot change. You know what the book says: do not sweat the small stuff—or choose your battles properly. Office gossip, for one, is a complete waste of time. So is crying over spilled milk. Rather, use the basic principles of NLP or neuro-linguistic programming: change your behavior and learn from your mistakes.

Relax. Take time to unwind and stop and smell the roses. It does not matter if it is only good for five minutes. What you are really after is the quality of your relaxation. You can take a walk outside, open your windows to get fresh air, or simply close your eyes and take deep long breaths.

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