Brain exercises are activities aimed at enhancing the cognitive functions of the brain. In other words, they promote the ability of the brain to process information, relate situations and make up a rational and clear conclusion about plans or issues. Therefore, decision making depends entirely on the brain and nothing else. This is why it is important for a person to ensure his or her mind at its best fit and up to the task any time by doing brain exercises.

Here are some brain exercises that can enhance the brain performance as tool for making decisions.

Physical exercise and Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is the process where new brain cells are generated depending on how active brain is. Therefore, as the brain becomes more active, more connections are made between neuron cells to each other, and each neuron can be activated through active experiences either directly or indirectly. Physical exercises are one of the indirect means of stimulating neurons; they do this by increasing the release of nerve growth ingredients known as nerve growth factor that enhances health and growth in neurons.


Memory plays a very important role in every decision making activity, and it uses cognitive skills including reasoning, mental calculations and others. This is because the mind is engaged in a variety of work. To put this into practice, for example, one is encouraged to memorize words of a poem or a song that one doesn't know; this boosts chemicals for memory improvement.

Another method is by using the hand that is not dominant to performing things or used to normally carry out activities. For example, a left-handed person using right hand to brush teeth, eat most of the time has the right hand as dominant. Using the dominant hand helps engage an opposite side of the brain, thus balancing the brain activation to achieve desired results in brain performance.


To pay attention is to be alert and move out the comfort zone. This is accomplished by changing one's certain routine, for example, by changing the house arrangement, which will make the brain to be excited and be alert to a new order.

Multi-tasking is a great employer of attention; activities such as running and listen to music can be combined. Also, while driving, one can come up with a math problem to solve. In such situations, the brain is forced to do more than one skill at a time.


Visual-Spatial is an activity that makes one experience a deeper feeling toward his or her environment by way of interaction. As an example, one can take a look at your environment for some time, say 5 minutes, and try to memorize as many objects that can be seen, as possible. After some time, say one hour, the person is expected to write down all things he could remember seeing. This enables one to interact with the environment more efficiently and become part of it.

Another simple and effective exercise is where one walks into a room to find five objects in their different locations, and then the objects are removed and the person is forced to remember their original positions respectively. These brain exercises enhance brain performance by waking the "brain from sleep".

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