Everyone needs a good date night, but there are times when life is so busy that leaving the home is but a wistful thought. There’s no reason to fear; with enough creativity, you can plan the perfect at-home date night and put the stresses of the work week behind you.

A quick online search will bring you plenty of inspiration. Here are four ideas for at-home date nights you can plan with your significant other when leaving the house isn’t an option.

Try a New Recipe

Not everybody considers the culinary arts their forte, but if you’re trying a new recipe with a special person to help you, it’s not a chore; it’s a memory in the making. You might master the dish and have a delicious set table when you are finished.

Smores Night

If you’re not brave enough to try a complicated recipe, consider a smores night. Cuddle with your significant other next to the fire and warm up with chocolate and marshmallows, reflecting on the week you’ve just finished or making plans for the future. The simplicity of a gentle, crackling hearth will help set the romantic mood, as well.

Create Something

If you and your special someone are the crafty type, that could make date night extra fun. Decorate the house for the season together using construction paper, or collaborate with paint on a piece of canvas to produce a work of art that belongs to you two alone. By means of creating things, we learn more about ourselves and others than we might have imagined.


If you can’t fathom a date without dancing, that’s not a problem. Create a playlist full of your favorite songs, or find a premade one with tracks that neither of you know yet. It’s the weekend; let go of the stressors that keep you down and go for a slow dance by the fireside. Few things are more romantic than a slow dance.

Date nights are fun to plan because there is no limit to what two people in love can do together. Add some adult sex toys if you want to spice it up later. Just because you need to stay home doesn’t mean you have to let go of the magic of romance.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write for business, health, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.