Being a social worker is a calling of service to fellow humans and sacrifice for their well-being. The industry of social work is rapidly growing due to the high need for social workers. Having a social work degree, you can have a variety of career opportunities to choose from to attain your career goals. They are discussed below.

Health Educator

A social worker can venture into health education. Here, one shoulders the responsibility of evaluating what the community needs in terms of health. Also, one can organize events, gather people to sensitize them concerning different health issues, and assist in the management of existing health conditions. It is also their work to evaluate the effectiveness of a program and assess the impact of services.

Mental Social Worker

With the rise of the issues to do with mental illness in society, mental health social workers' need is on the rise. You can venture into mental health social work to support clients with mental illness. As a psychiatric social worker, you are responsible for drafting treatment plans and assisting their clients in recognizing the unwanted behaviors and figuring out tactics to handle situations. A mental health social worker can also specialize further as a forensic psychiatrist to work as a connection between the law and psychiatry.

Substance Abuse Counselors

A social worker can specialize in substance addiction to help individuals struggling with drug and substance abuse issues. A substance abuse social worker can work with individuals with problems with addiction and stress. This is critical in the transformation of community members to help them develop a positive relationship and recover their healthy living.

Child Welfare Social Worker

Among the social workers who have to make the toughest decisions include child welfare, social workers. Here, one can specialize in children's needs. Also, you will need to visit the children at home from time to time to ensure that their rights are not violated, nor do they lack some basic needs. At times, child welfare workers have to make tough decisions concerning whether the child stays at their home or not.

Being a social worker is the willingness to sacrifice oneself for the betterment of others. It is crucial to ensure humanity is critical. With all the above careers for a social worker, you can diversify your career goals through service for humanity.

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