Getting an HGV driver’s Licence is nothing less than achieving a notable benchmark. And chances are that even though you have been a certified HGV Licence holder for a while now, you understand that driving a coach, bus or lorry is not exactly your only end goal.

So, after all this while, you must have researched multiple opportunities and their scope for HGV drivers but are still unsure about what you can pursue next? Or at least pondered over your job experience chart and wondered if there is another excellent career direction that you could possibly head towards.

Whereupon we ensure you there are a myriad of career opportunities in a store that you can explore and if all works well, you could even end up with a new professional title to your name.

Here are a few career pathways that you can dive headfirst in by upgrading your currently held HGV/Driver’s licence to an HGV Class 2 licence.

HGV Driver

Making a career as a professional HGV driver is easily achievable once the driver upgrades to a Category C licence.

As an HGV driver, the driver can drive a large selection of heavy good vehicles carrying huge cargo that is to be transported around the country and even further in some cases that may also require the HGV driver to drive considerably longer for more distances. Although a simple career move, being an HGV driver has its own special advantages:

· Apart from travelling long distances, the HGV driver has to only face the responsibilities of carrying goods and not people. This is in general especially beneficial for the drivers who may not necessarily enjoy being a people’s person.

· The number of job openings for a certified HGV driver is plentiful. Currently, there are over 10,000 HGV driver job openings in UK and not enough skilled HGV drivers to fill these spots.

Coach Driver

When it comes to travelling on a budget, planes and trains are generally expensive. Coaches, on the other hand, tend to be cheaper and hence are more popular among commuters who travel frequently. Many well-known destinations include travel destinations such as Germany, Spain, France, UK, Italy and more.

After the HGV driver has upgraded their Category B licence to a Category D or a Category PCV licence they are eligible to drive a coach. The coach driver can pick the passengers who have already booked their respective seats on the coach and hit the road all the way to the destination that includes a few other stops as well.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers undertake a job role that is much different than that of a certified HGV driver post their LGV training period. Delivery drivers work in their own city without have to move to faraway places. If the idea of travelling long distances or working for extensive hours away from your family does not sit well with you then you can consider a career as a delivery driver. As a delivery driver, the driver is assigned delivery of goods near to their home without having to compromise valuable time with their loved ones in the lieu of work. Upgrade your currently held driver’s licence to the Category C1 licence to start on a career venture as a delivery driver. Every city generally has a number of delivery driver jobs available on the market so you can easily take up a job as a delivery driver for a specific area.

Tour Guide Driver

The tour guide driver job is fitting for the drivers who hail from cities or areas that focus strongly on tourism. If you are someone who is fond of meeting new people and enjoy chatting to tourists, then becoming a tour guide driver could turn out to be a great career move for you. Enhance your driving experience by upgrading from a Category B licence to a Category D1 licence to drive minibuses, usually a hit with tourists for tour guiding and more.

A Category D1 licence can also be issued by drivers who can take up a job as a minibus driver and travel between hospitals or schools in the city. Moreover, a job as a tourist guide opens up a gateway of opportunities abroad as an international tour guide. A tour guide driver in UK could be lucky enough to explore the green mountains of Ireland or the beautiful castles of Scotland given the chance to become a tour guide for these popular destinations.

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