Leaving the military means closing one chapter of your life and beginning another. For many service members, though, this transition can be difficult. Being unsure of what you're going to do next is never pleasant and not having a plan can make life harder than it needs to be. Below are four common career paths that former soldiers take after leaving the Army.

Team Leadership

Whether it's in retail, construction, or even in the world of white-collar business, the tools that you used as a leader in the Army are still valuable in the civilian world. Many businesses prefer to hire veterans for leadership positions because they value both teamwork and the chain of command. If you've got a degree and the proper MOS, you might find yourself well-suited for a career leading others.

Private Security

The security sector is another place where former soldiers find themselves at home. Many private security companies like to hire former soldiers because they already have the training and discipline to do the job well. Security job services are almost always looking for new employees and there's often a great deal of room for someone with drive and ambition to move up in these companies.


While teaching might not seem like a field that's directly related to military service, a surprisingly high number of former soldiers have gone on to become teachers. Part of this is the ability to deal with classroom discipline issues, but soldiers make great teachers because of what they've experienced in the line of duty. Choosing to get a teaching certification and to go into the classroom can be a great way to make a difference.

FBI Agent

Finally, those who want to continue to work in the government might want to consider going to the FBI. The FBI recruits heavily among those who have military experience, especially if that experience was related to either the intelligence field or to being a member of the military police. This job can be a fantastic way to put old skills to new uses while still maintaining steady employment with another government agency.
There are many opportunities out there for those who have recently left the Army. Whether you choose to pursue employment or education, there are definitely choices available to you. Make sure to investigate those opportunities and figure out which ones represent the best chance for you to have a successful future.

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