Having an education is the first step towards laying firm career foundations in whatever field. Skills and papers go hand in hand. Getting certified in your special craft enables you to gain experience in your field and eventually opens paths for greater opportunities and higher salaries. Due to competition, today, many certification programs are done online unless they require practical notions. Let’s look into four that should take you through the journey.

Project Management Professional Certification

Almost every career and field can be improved significantly by project management expertise. The certification shows that an individual is capable of managing a project from start to completion, manage teams, and strategize multifaceted variables. Moreover, it places an individual at a better position to take leadership roles that gradually manifest into long-term positions. The Project Management Professional certification can significantly increase the chances of a salary raise.

Certified Public Accountant

Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting that can’t seem to be getting you far? Boost it further by gearing efforts towards becoming a certified public accountant. Little known to the majority of people seeking accounting and other finance-related jobs, employers look into additional certifications. It just happens that the Certified Public Accountant certificate is one of the most recognized in the finance world. The certificate tends to raise your chances of getting a stable job with an excellent earning by thirty-five percent.

Cisco Certified Network Professional

With all the advancement in the technology industry, it’s evident that career paths in the IT industry are competitive and favorable. You could boost your IT or Computer Science degree by becoming a Cisco Certified Network Professional. The certificate is an added advantage for individuals who want to learn more about switching and routing scalable networks.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Finances and investments are another integral part of the economy that can never deplete. If you are looking to stay relevant in investment and financial analysis, enroll for a Charted Financial Analyst certificate. Apart from helping you gain more financial knowledge and stabilizing your financial background, it could help you negotiate your salary upwards.

Depending on your interests, there are multiple certifications, including Microsoft Office Specialist, LEED Accredited Professional, MC courses, and Adobe Certified Associate certificates, among others. All these certificates work towards making your first papers more significant, therefore placing you at a better position in the job market.

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