While children care is driving women out of the workforce population, centres for childcare in Merrylands and other parts of the country are helping to restrict the trend. They are coming forward with not just all-round care and nutrition for children but are also providing constructive childcare programs that will help in a kid’s overall growth. However, not every childcare centre you come across is apt for your child. To find out whether a centre is reliable for your kid, determine the programs they are running. The more comprehensive and thoughtful their childcare programs are, the more successful it will be your kid’s growth experience with them.

Here are a few significantly needed programs that you should check for while getting your baby enrolled in a centre.

Relationship Development

For a child aged 2-3years, it is essential to understand humanly relations or bonds and attach with anyone around them compassionately. It is because if they are not friendly with others apart from their parents and family, it is impossible to make them go to schools, learn new things and take part in activities along with others. Thus, whether you are putting your kid in a daycare in Wentworthville or anywhere in Sydney, just make sure that they give importance to relationships development, i.e. with interactive sessions with peers as well as teachers/staff in the centre.

Curriculum Planning and Evaluation 

Children’s brain development happens with learning through play. Teachers and childcare nurses take into consideration the basic values of life, social and emotional aspects, cognitive thinking, and language learning in their curriculum plan which is essential for the personality development of a child. Therefore, a high-quality or enriched curriculum which is induced after evaluating the children’s experiences, brain activities, and pace of development.

Protective Care and Security

Of course, safety and security are the two most essential elements of a childcare program. On average, a child will spend half of the day in the centre and hence the daycare centres have to assure that their child will be absolutely safe. Protective care will be assured will proper CCTV operations, presence of security personnel at every entry or exit point of the centre, and emergency health care services. Besides, the centre should ensure safety from accidents like fire or smoke outbreaks with smart alarms and other auto-detection systems.

Health and Nutrition Plan

Apart from the above, the last yet most important program for childcare facilities is the high-quality health and nutrition regime for each child. While they spend a large time of the day entire at the centre, it is the responsibility of the centre and their caregivers to look after their nutrition. Besides, feeding them with all necessary staples, fruits, snacks, and drinks, the caregivers must also take to imbibe good eating habits and hygiene practices into the children.


Well, choosing a particular centre of childcare in Merrylands or wherever to seem fit for you is a bit challenging because it’s about the development and nurturing of your child. However, ensuring that they run incorporating these basic daycare programs is enough. So, every parent should check for these before deciding to enrol their kid.

Author's Bio: 

Lyn Aqua is a child psychologist and mentor at a centre of childcare in Merrylands. Having immense knowledge of children’s preliminary brain development, she counselled a lot of parents at a daycare in Wentworthville who were confused about the relevance of these childcare institutes and helped them overcome the fears of enrolling their kid in one.