It is often seen that most homeowners tend to perform their usual home improvement projects on their own without the help of a professional electrician or handyman. And it does seem fine provided they have prior experience and know what they are doing.

But for someone who has little or no prior experience in installing ceiling fans, the whole process can prove daunting and risky especially with electrical wires involved. The last thing anyone wants is to set off a catastrophic electric fire inside their home and endanger the lives of everyone inside. 

The wise choice is always to count on experienced ceiling fan installation specialists serving all across Brisbane to come over to your place and do the task on your behalf. It not only helps save you lots of time but also guarantees appropriate installation at the first attempt.

Still, if you aren’t too keen on the idea of spending money on hiring professional installers, then at least be wary of these 4 common ceiling fan installation mistakes when you choose to DIY.

Mistake 1 – Not getting a proper measure of your ceiling slopes and going directly to the installation process

The first common mistake many make when attempting a DIY ceiling fan installation is not properly gauging the slope of the ceiling surface and heading right into its installation process. 

In words of notable ceiling fan installation specialists serving near you- the right approach should always be to get an accurate measure of the ceiling slope to ensure the fan hangs from the appropriate height. This will guarantee proper air circulation all around the room, including those nooks and corners.

Mistake 2 – Not removing the old/worn out electric box before heading over to the installation

It is imperative for those attempting DIY installations to remove the old or worn our electric box before going ahead with the installation process. Don’t make this mistake. Ensure the main power switch is shut off when removing it or else it could lead to a potential electric shock- or something direr!

Mistake 3 – Forgetting To Switch Off the Main Power Switch Prior To Attempting the Installation

To accomplish a successful ceiling fan installation; you need to properly connect its wires with your home’s main wiring set-up. If you forget to switch off the main electric panel power supply, then you expose yourself to the risk of a dangerous electrocution or even short-circuit.

Mistake 4 – Improper wiring of the ceiling fan

It goes without saying that another important aspect about accomplishing a quality ceiling fan installation is wiring your fan properly. To do this; you need to have the proper knowledge and some prior experience to pull it off. 

However, if you don’t then it makes sense to enlist help from notable ceiling fan installation experts serving Ipswich and other neighbouring suburbs in Brisbane to do it for you.

 Surmising –

Attempting to self-install a ceiling fan can often bring out some issues or the other. They also prove to be tricky and somewhat unsafe for those who haven’t done it before.

If you are one such individual, then it’s best not to take any chances and hire specialists in ceiling fan installations to do it safely and correctly

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The author ___ is an experienced electrical contractor known to perform a wide variety of electrical work including quality ceiling fan installation services in Ipswich and other neighbouring suburbs across Brisbane.