As men age, it seems as though they become more of a target for health issues. From thinning hair to heart disease, men that are hoping to stay healthy must be proactive about these concerns. Read on to learn more about four common health issues in men, as well as how to prevent them.

Hair Loss

Around 50 million American men are affected by male-patterned baldness. Though this is a concern for many men, male-patterned baldness can’t quite be avoided as it is caused by genetics. While thinning hair as a result of one’s genes can’t be prevented, there are many effective solutions to counteract this hair loss. One such solution is Prp Hair Therapy Services. With this treatment, doctors use platelet-rich plasma therapy to treat hair loss by stimulating new hair growth.

Heart Disease

As the leading cause of death in men, heart disease can, on some level, be prevented. As men get older, the likelihood of experiencing complications due to heart disease increase. This is why men should start working to prevent this condition while they are still young.
Though genetics has some role in heart disease, men can improve their conditions by leading healthier lifestyles. Men can also reduce the risk of developing heart disease by regularly monitoring their health, treating their high blood pressure, reducing high blood cholesterol, increasing their physical activity, and reducing obesity.


After heart disease and cancer, stroke is the next leading killer in the United States. Hypertension is regarded as the most import risk factor when it comes to stroke. To help reduce one’s risk of having a stroke, it is important to limit the amount of stress in one’s life.
The stress that leads to hypertension can come from anywhere--one’s job conflicts, relationship issues, or general unhappiness in life. Men must work to treat this hypertension by learning how to cope with stress. Methods using meditative breathing and mindfulness practices have been proven to be highly effective.

Depression and Suicide

Depression and suicide are health concerns that men must actively work to protect against. They should work to cultivate good mental health by treating depression, going to therapy, eliminating substance abuse, and taking medication for depression. While there is no one way to cure depression, taking steps to talk with someone about what they’re feeling is incredibly important.

Men must be proactive about staying healthy. With these four tips, they can treat common health issues and any prevent other concerns from occurring in the future.

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