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How do you deal with stress? Do you shop like there is no tomorrow? Do you sleep a lot? Or do you pop some calming pills?

Perhaps you are not fully aware there are several herbal remedies you can choose from. They do not leave you drowsy or tired, force you to spend hundreds of money, and lead to severe side effects.


Ginseng is one of the most useful herbs in the world. It is not only a stimulant, but it is also an aphrodisiac and an analgesic. It is also an adaptogen, which means it has the ability to boost your ability to fight stress. In fact, it is so effective it is used by those who are under a lot of physical stress, such as athletes.

Moreover, ginseng is a stimulant so it keeps you alert and energized.

Ginseng, however, should not be taken by those who are suffering from insomnia. Else, they will find it much harder to fall asleep.


You can also achieve a herbal stress relief by consuming ashwaganda. Also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry, it is a shrub that can grow as much as 75 cm. It also bears green flowers and orange red fruit.

Ashwagandha is known to treat a lot of illnesses, such as dehydration, bone and muscle weakness, thirst, emaciation, loose teeth, rheumatism, and premature aging. Most of all, it acts as an adaptogen. A lot of those who have taken the herb achieved renewed energy. They are able to lessen chronic fatigue, muscle tension, and memory loss.


This is a shrub that can thrive in any type of soil, so you can definitely grow the plant in your own garden. You just need to make sure that it is properly shaded. You will normally find the shrub in East Asia.

This is another kind of adaptogen, strengthening your immune system and making you less susceptible to a lot of diseases. If you are suffering from diabetes, you may want to take this too as it can regulate blood sugar. Interestingly despite being a stimulant, it is recommended for people who are insomniacs or cannot go to sleep because of nightmares. Its fruit, which is actually a type of berry, can reduce memory loss, depression, and irritability.


It is called as such because it is loved by cats. A lot of cat owners plant them to divert their pet’s attention from the furniture. Fortunately there is another good reason for having one. As one of the natural stress relievers, catnip helps treat insomnia and digestion problems caused by stress. It is also completely safe to consume by both lactating mothers and children.

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