Job interview can be stressful with some very difficult questions, but you must make sure you give an answer that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Interview can in fact give you nightmares, making you to wake up in a sweat the night before an important interview. However it will be nice for you to have a head up for these situations. With as many as 100 candidates vying for one job space, you want to stand out from among them and being able to sell yourself as the best candidate for the position.

Questions found at nearly every interview are typically the same. These are behavioral questions that interviewers like to ask.

Questions and Answers

Question 1. Give an example of the last time a colleague got angry with you:
Answer: Give a background information related to the situation. Why was the colleague angry with you? Make sure you give the impression that he/she was angry with the situation and not with you. Give a brief low down of how things turned out and the long story of how things turned out at the end.

Never put all of the blame on your colleague. Always include yourself as part of the solution. Admit if you were wrong and take responsibility for any wrong doing you may have caused, rectify the situation and learn from the experience.

Question 2. Give an example of the hardest thing you have decided in the last one year, by this question your reasoning skill is being evaluated to know if you had sound and great judgment, reasoning skill that you can use when needed. Some interviewer may be wanting to find out if you will take some risks and if the risks are silly or intelligent

Answer: Give an example of a decision that involve reasoning, one that you have to analyze the situation before making a decision. Do not make your answer part of a difficult personal choice that you made.

Make your answer to include interpersonal skills used as well as your exercise of considering ramification of your choice before deciding which direction to take. Do not show that you took personally.

Question 3. When asked to give an example of a time when you knew you were right but you still had to follow guidelines and direction.
Answer: Say that you did what was needed to be done, especially with time constraint.

Question 4. When asked the last time you ended your workday before you could get everything done, the interviewer wants to know if you give priority to your work and communicate effectively.

Answer: Do not say “I did what I can and get out” instead simply say that you stayed a few minutes late and got things sorted out on what you were working on. Say you give priority to your work during the day to make certain essential responsibilities done before you leave.

That you stay late from to time to time to finish up critical duties, and if you are unable to complete your work by the end of the day, you will communicate to leaders.

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Mark Irabor is a chief technologist and head of unit, college of medicine, university of Ibadan