Some family issues can easily be solved on a personal level but there are some that often need interference from the court. The parties suffering from the problem have to frequently visit the court for the hearing so that they can get the right solution. And the one who helps them to go through the process is a family law attorney.

The attorney helps to present the case in the right and the legal way and handle the situation efficiently. They know what to keep before the judge on behalf of their client so that they can turn the decision in their favour. The family law attorney has certified education and experience in handling family problems. Their experience is so in-depth that they know where to mould the situation and bring it on the right track. The family problems are solved without any disruption and complications with the help of the attorney.

Further, people often get confused about when to hire a family law attorney because they think every lawyer is equal and family issues are such that it can be handled by any qualified lawyer. But, it is not the case. There are several sections in the family law book that has to be presented before the judge properly and it can only be done by a particular professional. So, to avoid the confusion, we have mentioned 5 common reasons for hiring family law attorney and they are:

Divorce cases

Fed up with the situation, when couples plan to divorce then each partner has to hire his or her attorney who will help to settle the situation without any trial. The attorney helps them to divide the marital property, propose the custody of the child along with visits and further support.

Child custody or support

Generally, this issue is solved under large divorce cases but with the change in the condition, the ex-partners have to revise the same. If there is a change in the financial status of the non-custodial partner, the case reopens and the family law attorney helps to solve the same.


It is emotional yet very family problems. In different situations, both mother and father have to hire a family law attorney. The mother files the case to get the support payment from an absent father whereas the father files the case to establish a relationship with his child. The only way to determine paternity is through DNA testing.

Child adoption or foster care

The most complex family issue that is impossible to solve without hiring a family law attorney. The rules and legal formalities differ according to the type of adoption. In case, if the adoption is within the family, the rules are different and if the adoption is from outside, the rules are different. On the other hand, the foster care process is completely different from that of child adoption.

So, now you know the problems that can be solved by a family law attorney so we hope you will not make any mistake in the future.

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