For many, websites are just like a pair of shoes we have worn in our high school. Whether their laces were torn and soles have holes, we would still put them on every day. A time comes, when we are forced to have a new pair of shoes. Similarly, even though our sites are dated or performing average, we are attached to them. Often we hesitate to invest in website redesign, but face it, it’s probably inevitable.

Website redesigning isn’t a small investment. However, it pays you in the longer run. If you are on the fence about website redesign, here is a compiled list of reasons to pull the trigger on this task.

1. To Create a Better User Experience a.k.a. UX

UX is relatively a newer discipline of website design Singapore, Dubai, USA, UK and in other countries. It is becoming increasingly crucial in a successful business in Singapore. UX deals with emotional experience a user has while navigating your website and how it aligns with user’s intentions.

A webpage which is difficult to navigate is unnecessarily complicated and has slower load times can leave a bad experience in your visitor mind and cost you potential leads. Around 88 percent of consumers are less likely to come back to a site after lousy user experience.
A website with guilty of such bad UX practices must have a redesign focused on creating a better user experience, such as;

  • Understand users’ behavior
  • Understand your website goal and what you want your audience to complete
  • Implement user analytics, like HotJar, for continuous improvement of site’s UX.

2. To Make Your site Mobile Responsive

This is a no-brainer. In today’s multi-screen culture, one must need to cater to this behavior. If your website isn't mobile responsive, chances are you will miss out valuable traffic.

Around 83 percent of mobile users say, that an all-in-one experience across all devices is crucial. Individuals like to be able to access information when and where they want, and if a site cannot deliver it to them, they will go elsewhere.

If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, look for it now. Invest in a proper browser testing application, like BrowserStack, to ensure your website looks consistent from one device to the other.

3. To Update Your Branding

Just like your marketing objectives, your branding needs to be consistent with your site. If you have undergone a rebranding recently, you will need to update your website to reflect these changes.

When updating your site, remember a rebrand is not only about your logo, symbol, icons, images, and colors. It also includes language and content used on the website. You do not need people to land on pages and think it does not look or feel like it came from the same enterprise.

4. You Have Outdated Third-Party Tools on Your Site

Most if not all web design features third-party tools that allow us abilities to incorporate new functionalities to the websites. These include scripts to embed social media, eCommerce plugins, and exit-intent popups. As these third-party tools add value to your website, with time they may become outdated for present standards.

Ask yourself these questions to find if it is time for an update?

  • How do these third-party tools work?
  • Are these third-party tools slowing down the speed of your website?
  • Are there improved or new versions of tools available?


An effective web design Singapore, America or for any other country is one of the most useful tools for marketing tools. Arrange a professional website design and development company that can understand the needs of your business in Singapore. I think all above are enough reason to motivate you to go for a website redesign, if you have any other in your mind let me know in the comments section below.

Author's Bio: 

Misty Jhones