The ATO or Australian Taxation Office looks for mistakes and with more quality tools available to them every year, it is getting easier for them to do their job. So, if you think that you’ll be excused after committing a few extra deductions or mistakes, then you are highly mistaken.

Simply put- filing tax returns are almost like sitting for an honesty test. This is simply because the ATO already knows so much.

On that note, this post explains 4 common tax return mistakes to avoid 

1. You Estimate That All Your Income & Tax Obligations Are Paid

Truth be told, this is a grave mistake. Remember that the ATO consists of records of your accounts which they use to match what you’ve submitted. To avoid complications from the ATO’s side, ensure all figures are accurate whenever entering an income or tax amount before submitting your report.

Everything should be complete and correct. For that, you can take help from an experienced yet cheap-priced tax advisor near you to avoid attracting the ATO’s attention.

2. Not Declaring Foreign Income

A lot of Australians conduct business overseas for a particular span of time. And due to that they often forget to submit their tax returns. This is a bad mistake on their part. What you should do is speak to a tax advisor to avoid excessive tax payments and its related troubles.

You need to work with them and showcase all your overseas income along with employment details. Some of them include - annuities and pensions, employment yield, investment sum, business income and capital gains on your overseas assets.

3. Keeping No Definitive Proof of Purchase or Receipts of Deduction

Another mistake to avoid is not keeping receipts of deduction or definitive proof of purchase. But surprisingly it is one error make commit. Without any proof of purchase, you have scope to claim only $300 of work expenses. 

Still, that doesn’t make it a free tax deduction. The ATO isn’t a fan of such blunders, so be sure to keep receipts and proof of purchase for all real expenses.

4. Making a Claim for Costs You’ve Not Paid Yourself

Lastly, if you wish to make an eligible claim for a sum (no matter how big or small it may be) you need to incur the expenses yourself. You cannot claim for costs you’ve not paid for. ATO’s don’t much appreciate that.

Most of such claims include the ones which have been ignored or fallen below the record-keeping limit.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Keep Proper Track of All Your Payments?

If so, then look to take help from notable tax accounting specialists in Campbelltown to help you manage everything and keep a valid proof of every purchase made. Preparing tax returns is always complicated.

These seasoned and qualified accountants will help you in filing your taxes and diligently manage other crucial facets of tax accounting. So, get in touch with one such experienced tax accountant serving Narellan, Campbelltown and other suburbs of Sydney! They will help keep you off the ATO’s radar!

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