If you love horses and enjoy sports, there are plenty of physically active competitions you can participate in for fun, health, and competitive spirit. Depending on the type of horse you have and your preferences for outdoor activities, you can choose any of the following or others not included in this list.

Track Racing

Racetrack horses are usually thoroughbreds trained specifically for this racing and sprinting. They may be bred from parents who are also racehorses, which prepares them genetically for this kind of sport. Trainers also work with horses and their riders to improve their speed for future races and competitions.

Whether or not you are the rider, or jockey, on your racehorse, you will be thrilled to watch your horse compete with others around the racetrack and possibly take home prizes. Even if you don't win one of the top, it is exciting to watch your prized animal race against others. Racing also gives you the opportunity to travel for competitions.


Many show horses are trained to become jumpers for sporting competitions. Jumps may include bars, hedges, or other types of horizontal barriers that a skilled horse and rider can clear without touching the obstacle. Not only must the horse safely clear the fence, but it must do so in an artful manner that is coordinated and well-orchestrated to delight audience viewers and the judges.


This type of equestrian competition prepares a horse for performance and exhibition, usually in a competitive event where prizes like trophies or monetary awards are given for the best demonstrations. German dressage horses especially excel in this type of sport. You can buy them to show under your name or learn the art of German dressage to compete in regional events. This is considered a specialized type of horsemanship and performance that requires dedicated training and practice.

In dressage, a horse has to demonstrate the ability to interpret subtle signals from the rider to perform certain movements. These include different types of gaits and movements. Rather than looking for memorized routines, dressage judges are looking at a horse’s flexibility and obedience and a rider’s balance.

Rodeo Events

If you prefer barrel racing and calf roping in front of cheering crowds, you may want to learn to ride Western and participate in rodeo events. Show horses can learn a number of tricks, similar to circus horses, but rodeo events have a cowboy and Western theme that guides the dress style and horse tack used in each event. Rodeos take place all over the country, so it is easy to find one where you can get involved if your horse is trained to perform in various events.

Whatever your favorite type of riding gear or style as well as the type of theme you prefer, you can find horse sports to enjoy either while riding your horse in competition or hiring a professional rider to show the horse for you. Find a competition near you to show your beloved horse to its best advantage.

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