A car accident can cause serious injuries that lead to short or long term disability. Disabled victims can rely on several critical lifelines in order to recover financially.

Government Disability Benefits
Individuals who have become disabled after a car accident can qualify for government benefits. The website at www.servicecanada.gc.ca provides resources for disabled Canadian citizens who are interested in receiving Canada Pension Plan disability benefit. Disabled people who are under the age of 65 can receive such monthly benefits. Similarly, the Social Security Disability Insurance program in the U.S. provides much needed financial assistance to people who have lost the ability to work after being involved in a car crash.

Personal Injury Attorney
A lawyer who specializes in personal injury can help victims of car accidents to recover financially. An experienced car accident lawyer from firms like Bronson Jones & Co. in Vancouver deals directly with auto insurance companies in order to demand maximum compensation for medical bills of clients. Additionally, civil lawsuits can be filed against the person who is officially guilty of causing an accident. Personal injury lawyers can help car accident victims receive benefits for lost wages as a result of debilitating injuries. It's important to stress that auto insurance does not provide any compensation for income loss.

Life Insurance
Some life insurance policies are flexible enough to provide compensation for emergency situations. For people who suddenly become disabled after getting into a car accident, it's possible to dip into funds from a life insurance plan. A percentage of a person's monthly salary can be withdrawn without any major penalties such as taxation. It's important to have a versatile life insurance plan that covers unexpected situations like debilitating accidents leading to income loss.

Cash from Auto Insurance
If a car is damaged beyond repair in a car accident, the owners might be entitled to receive money equal for a replacement. When a driver becomes disabled after an accident, money from the insurance company would obviously be used for personal expenses rather than purchasing a brand new vehicle. Policies such as auto comprehensive and collision insurance provide compensation in addition to money that's given through mandatory liability coverage for personal injuries. Car accident victims who become disabled should talk to their auto insurance agents in order to receive maximum cash value for a car that has been destroyed.

Car accident victims should take aggressive action to receive compensation for any injuries. Government benefits as well as insurance money can be used to overcome the financial hardships associated with disabilities.

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