It is very impressive to see some golfers able to hit their golf ball straight and far every single time they take a shot without having to face the over the top problem at all. These group of people has the ability to cure over the top golf swing problem completely because they understand how a proper procedure and technique of golf swing should be conducted. However, by having said that, the key to cure over the top problem is to simply follow a proven golf swing technique system which allow you to understand every each of swing mechanics to work accordingly to your swing.

Before you even try to cure over the top golf swing problem, you will first need to understand what is over the top problem and what can it actually do towards your swing? Over the top basically happen when your swing is to be off the centre from the ball. The reason for this to happen is because of a premature movement of your upper body during the downswing where your upper body is moving ahead than your lower body. As a result of this, you will find the position of your club face to be in the wrong position as when you hit the ball and this will cause over the top problem to occur. To be honest, many of you will agree that the source of this problem seems to be very difficult to detect if you don't have a proper set of guidance in getting the proper golf swing.

If you have been into a situation where you've been hitting the top of the golf ball every time you should consider to change the way you adopt your golf swing approach. The logical explanation to this problem is that during performing the backswing, you have position a scythe swing pattern or sideway in its arc rather than taking the golf club position on a straighter and upright swing arc. When you positioned yourself this way, unconsciously, as when you performing the backswing, the club head is thrown away from the swing path which resulting a pulled shot to the left and hitting the top of the ball. This is the major reason as to why your golf swing isn't perfect yet. Furthermore, this irritating and annoying problem is very difficult to improve if you don't take up the correct golf swing system.

In mitigating over the top problem, there are basic solutions that is important for you to know and apply every time when you're taking a shot. It is crucially important to know this fact as it can easily help you to cure over the top golf swing in time. Simply follow the below basic guide in order cure over the top problem:

Understand And Apply The Proper Golf Grip

Most of the time every shot that you take will be affected by the golf grip that you apply in your swing. If you don't have the right golf grip you there will be high chances for you to experience over the top problems in your shot every single time. The key of success in your golf grip is to make sure that you don't grip too tight on your club. Out of 10, make sure your grip is at level 7 of tightness. This is mainly to prevent from your muscles to tensed up because tensing up your muscle will only going to destroy your swing.

Getting Into The Right Proper Stance

Once you've managed to handle to grip properly, make sure you set up your body according the club that you are holding. Ideally, the right stance when you are using club number seven, your feet should be aligned with your shoulder's length. This position will be vary according to the club or driver that you're using. The longer the club, the wider your feet should be positioned. However, for every stance that you make, ensure that you are well balanced and stabile every time.

Getting The Powerful BackSwing Position

In order to get the farther and straight golf shot everytime, it will mainly comes from the correct backswing position. As you rotate your body to the back, it is important for you to keep your head at the same level all the time. This is a critical technique to get right golf swing. The arms and chest must turn together as a single unit. As you reached the maximum cork, your left shoulder should be under your chin while your head is still in the same level.

Your Backswing And Downswing

To get the maximum impact on your swing, DO NOT FORCE it to happen. Simply let the momentum take place. Guide your hands through without forcing. When you have this tempo, your ball will go farther and straighter. Have you ever seen a pro golfer's force on their swing during hitting the ball? The simply let the swing to be natural and yet powerful ball flight.

These are the components that make up the step by step swing system that will eventually cure over the top golf swing if you apply during your game. When you take into consideration every each of the above steps in your golf swing, you will get in control of your swing. Best golf shot are dependent on how well you perform each step along the way.

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