Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect chance to transform one of the most important areas in your home into exactly what you want. In the planning stages, it’s important to figure out what look you’re going for and how you’ll achieve it. Here are four easy design tips for your next kitchen remodel.
Embrace Natural Stone and Wood
Modern design inclines heavily toward the use of natural materials. Stone and wood are in, while fiberboard and linoleum are considered badly dated. Choosing natural materials will give you more latitude in terms of how you design your kitchen and ensure that the upgrades you make today will remain functional for years or decades to come. Stone countertops and backsplashes are especially good for improving the appearance of your kitchen. Meanwhile, raw wood floors and cabinets help bring in the warmth and beauty of natural wood grain.
Consider Customizing Your Cabinets
Custom cabinetry is a great way to make your kitchen look more interesting and get it just the way you want it. Although it sounds expensive, custom cabinetry is relatively affordable. Most kitchen remodeling contractors and suppliers will have the ability to customize cabinets to some extent, allowing you to get the perfect cabinet layout for your home. By deciding on custom cabinets, you can ensure that you are getting something that matches the feel of your home as well as the flow of your kitchen. By remodeling your kitchen into a more pleasant style, you can help improve the flow of your home.
Install a Center Island
If you have space, a kitchen island can add both beauty and convenience to your space. Most older homes don’t feature islands in the kitchen, but they’re fairly easy to install if the room is available. With a kitchen island, you’ll be able to easily host larger events and manage multiple dishes with the help of some extra, separate counter space. This also allows for a really nice serving area if you are having people over. Having a central focal point of your kitchen allows people to instinctively know where to gather when you are hosing an event. This helps with preparation, as you can prepare things on the other parts of your kitchen and keep the island open for serving.
Update Your Lighting
In older homes, kitchen lighting is often badly outdated. To get your kitchen up to date, consider investing in more modern recessed lighting that will bring the entire room into the 21st century. You can also accent your kitchen with under-cabinet LED lights. These lights will brighten the space and offer more light for you to work by while you’re cooking.
By following these four simple design tips, you can create a more modern and functional kitchen when the time comes for a remodel. Be sure to make it yours, though. The entire point of remodeling is to redesign a room around your needs and tastes, so be sure to bring a bit of your own personality in when you remodel your kitchen.

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