Once you have taken your pick from the best franchising opportunities in Canada and have set up shop, you will find that brand reputation alone will not help your franchisee take off. The competition is stiff and to beat the competition, you will need to rely on an effective multi-pronged marketing strategy that involves all forms of media and people outreach. Detailed below are 5 effective marketing tips to ensure franchisee success.

Tip #1 - Attracting Walk-Ins
The retail and services of franchise system in Canada and around the world depends heavily on the revenues that come in from walk-ins. As such, it is the responsibility of franchise owners to attract walk-ins with effective marketing techniques. For example, if your franchise is currently running a discount sale, you could definitely benefit by letting every passerby know with larger than life selections just outside your business premises. Measures such as these will truly attract walk-ins even as you conspicuously announce the savings to be enjoyed when buying goods and commodities or availing of a service at your franchisee at a discounted cost.

Tip #2 - Engaging Local Media
Local radio, TV channels and newspapers are effective sources of information for consumers who are often influenced by advertorials and marketing campaigns via these traditional forms of mass media. As such, it is the perogative of franchise owners to engage with local media organizations to attract clients/customers.

Tip #3 – Reach Out to Your Online Customer/Client Base
It imperative for franchises to join the digital marketing bandwagon, immaterial of brand recognition and reputation. The best franchises to buy in Canada enjoy a widespread positive brand recognition and reputation but it's still easy to be lost among your competitors. As such, it helps to engage with your online customer/consumer base through social media and SEO. SEO, which is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization is simply a variation of techniques applied by specialists to boost search engine rankings of businesses.

It is worth noting that many among your target customer/client base allow their purchase decisions to be guided by search engine rankings. Your customer/client can make a Google search for a business such as yours in their immediate area. If you do not come up on the front page of Google, your customer/client takes his/her dollars to your competitors.
Tip #4 – Keep a Keen Eye on the Competition
In a competitive market segment, it is imperative that franchise owners keep a keen eye on their competitors. The products your competitors are selling, or the services they are offering, marketing strategy and costs, are all subjects that you should be knowledgeable of. This allows you to have the information you need to do better than the competition, at all times.

In conclusion, these are just four basic marketing tips for Canadian franchises. For an information resource that fills you in on the latest developments in franchise marketing and franchise news, you can rely upon Canada’s leading source for franchise news and information, www.canadianfranchisemagazine.com.

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