Every business needs a way to communicate. Whether you run a construction company or a team of real estate agents, make sure that your employees have the tools they need to stay in contact throughout their workday.
Provide Company Phones and Email Accounts
In the modern day, every professional needs business-specific methods of communication. You can’t have clients contacting a manager on their personal cell phone, and you certainly don’t want to send sensitive messages to personal email addresses.
If your company has a website, it’s easy to give every employee their own email address. Speak with your hosting provider to find an affordable package. Many phone companies can also provide employee cell phones as part of a business plan.

Maintain Communication on the Job Site

When you work out in the field or on a factory floor, communication can’t always rely on the whims of modern electronics. Instead, consider equipping your team with a stable communication method like a 2-way radio. An NYC based 2-way radio supplier will provide you with updated radios that will work at long distances and through harsh weather conditions. Depending on the nature of your occupation, a quality radio can be a life-saving device.

Encourage Digital Networking

Internet-based communication can be used to give your employees a sense of community. Consider setting up an instant messaging relay that only works on office computers. You also might set up an employees-only forum on your website; staff could post questions, ask for feedback on their projects, or reach out to management with suggestions and concerns.
Work with your human resources department to integrate digital communication into your existing workflow. Networking can’t replace physical meetings, but it can certainly reduce the amount of time your team needs to spend away from their desks.

Invite Feedback in Person

As you start to integrate more communication methods into your business, it’s important to maintain a standard of real, in-person conversations and team-building exercises. Make a point to schedule quarterly or even monthly feedback meetings. Ask your employees to bring up suggestions, or use the time to check in with larger projects.
It’s important that the members of different departments occasionally meet face to face. If you schedule occasional in-person meetings, you’ll find that your company’s digital communications are more effective and meaningful overall.
Whatever your business’s preferred method of communication is, be sure to provide your staff with the highest quality tools available. The best communication is always simple, efficient, and effortless; you can only achieve that with dedicated team members and reliable equipment.

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Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.