Language is the source of communication and without it people will find it impossible to convey their thoughts and inner feelings. Although English is a global language and surpasses others in terms of popularity and number of speakers worldwide, there are other languages too which has evolved. The Japanese language is one of them which is prominently spoken globally and is highly sought-after. It commands a huge fan following with several universities, colleges and foreign language training institutes offering Japanese language courses both online and regular classroom format.

Students who are interested in learning it or keen on exploring its culture can opt for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata. So what makes Japanese language learning popular and invigorating? We are exploring 5 reasons behind it. Take a look.

Better job opportunities

Japan is a land of technology, electronics and automobiles and the country has become extremely prosperous for its import-export business. Those who are willing to relocate to Tokyo and explore the diverse lucrative job opportunities can take classes in Japanese language to utilize their communication skills and mingling with the natives.

Japan provides job opportunities to the natives and foreigners alike and they come with high remuneration annually. If someone wants to work in any of the Asian countries such as Singapore or Japan as an emigrant, there will be a sea of opportunities in diverse industries with attractive remuneration packages.

Japan being the 3rd economic power internationally opens up plenty of opportunities for those who know the language well. Learning it will surely help candidates succeed in business and work in finance, engineering, KPO/BPO/ outsourcing, government, tourism, aviation, teaching, hospitality, or translation. In fact, the US and Japan share profound bilateral relations, are being allies and collaboratively they have huge economic punch or dominance. It is predicted that the ties will become stronger in future resulting in corporate collaboration or joint partnerships so it is the best and appropriate time to learn Japanese language.

Higher studies

Those who want to take up advanced courses in engineering, automation, IT, or technology overseas, then Japan is the best place to opt for. Those who are multilingual and can speak both in English and Japanese will surely get preference over monolinguists with similar qualification. Their ability to communicate in the language and understand it will open the gateway to world-class colleges and universities located there. Moreover in most institutions of higher learning, Japanese is the instructional language, so knowing the language will help the candidates to understand their coursework and pass the exams with flying colors.

Understand the fascinating & exotic culture

If someone is fascinated by Japanese culture and wants to delve deep into it, then taking Japanese language classes or Japanese language course in Kolkata would help them do so. It will elevate their awareness and enable them to explore unknown things about its culture, society, and customs.


If someone is planning a getaway to Tokyo, the first and foremost thing he needs to do is study Japanese language. It will help them explore and experience the real country, socialize, wine and dine, interact with the natives and understand what people say especially when are on their way to shopping or going for sightseeing locales where the tourist guides will explain the tourist attractions in local language.

Learning Japanese language becomes easy for beginners at IITT. It is delighted to bring online and face to face Japanese language course in Kolkata and help learners master the grammar and vocabulary within months. It makes learning stimulating with best study materials, professional guidance, tips, and lectures. IITT also provides basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses in Italian, Spanish, and Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, French, German, Korean, Thai, Czech and other foreign languages.

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Laxmon Gope is a leading freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Japanese language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.