Let's face it: being with someone for a long period of time can become boring. If you're trying desperately to keep the romance fires burning, you may want to try these four ways to spice up your relationship.

1. Shower Them with Love Letters

Sometimes it's the simple things that mean the most. After being in a committed relationship for a while, it's only natural that things might go stale. Write love letters and leave them in inconspicuous places. Tell the other person all the reasons why you fell in love with them in the first place. Remind them how attractive they are, how they still tug at your heart strings, and how you couldn't live without them. The more you clearly show them your feelings, the more safe they will feel in reciprocating those emotions. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, especially if the other person is willing to do the same. Don’t miss those opportunities!

2. Write a Poem or Story to and About Them

You don't have to spend a great deal of money to show how much you care. Writing a poem that talks about how amazing they are, how beautiful their soul is, and how you want to spend forever with them can be stimulating. Knowing that you took the time and energy to do this will be something that can stoke a dimly lit fire. Sometimes it can be difficult to say things face to face, so it can help to write your thoughts instead.

3. Whisk Them Away for a Surprise Trip

You may only have a weekend to go away, but take them somewhere memorable. Visit the place where you had your first kiss or the place where you fell in love. Blindfold them and take them to a remote cabin in the woods, where you surprise them with a hot tub and some bubbling champagne. The element of surprise always does wonders for the heart.

4. Take Them out for a Four-Star Meal and Entertainment

Nothing says love like great food. Sometimes is that conversation and connecting over a great meal that does wonders for a couple. Places like Viejas Dining and Resort have ample restaurants to choose from. When you're done eating, you can hit the casino for a night of fun. There are many fine establishments that have great food and entertainment too. The best way to get to anyone's heart is through their stomach, or so they say.

It's only natural that after being together for a long period of time the fires of romance doesn't burn as bright as they once did. However, it only takes a spark to start that fire roaring again. By simply paying special attention to them and letting them know how you feel, things can be back on track in not time.

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