The prostate, located between the bladder and urogenital diaphragm, is the largest substantive organ in the accessory gland of male genitalia. It plays a vital role in the control of erection and urination. The prostate can also secrete prostatic fluid, which is part of semen, so the male prostate is closely related to reproductive function.

The prostate is also known as men's "life gland," its importance is extraordinary for males. If the prostate has any problems, it may affect men's sexual ability, urinary function, and reproductive function. Therefore, active treatment is necessary for people diagnosed with prostatitis in the acute stage.

Antibiotics may be the first choice for acute and bacterial prostatitis . But if it is nonbacterial prostatitis, the effect of antibiotics is not very ideal. So, people can choose Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its ingredients can work to the affected area to eliminate symptoms and cause and cure disease does not recur.

The prostate is essential, but it is also very fragile. Many bad living habits, such as frequent masturbation, eating spicy food and depression, may lead to hyperemia of the prostate and induce prostatitis. Researches have shown that exercise is an effective measure to prevent prostatitis.

So do you know what kind of exercise can effectively prevent prostatitis?

1. Squat

Many people are sitting in the office when they are working, and they also take transportation when they go to and from work. They lack the opportunity to exercise. Sitting for a long time may cause prostate congestion. Therefore, male friends can carry out squat training after work.

Squatting can stimulate the body to secrete more testosterone and growth hormone, and testosterone plays a significant role in improving men's sexual ability. At the same time, the squat can promote lower limb blood circulation. When blood circulation is good, the prostate will be more robust, not easy to have problems.

However, we need to pay attention to that when we squat, especially when we are carrying out heavy squat, we must act according to our ability. We should not blindly put on heavyweight, and we must standardize the action when squatting. Otherwise, we will not only fail to exercise but also may cause physical injury.

2. Levator ani movement

Through artificial control and contraction of the anus, anal lifting exercise can play a useful role in exercising the anus and genitalia muscles. And it can make the blood circulation around the reproductive system more smooth, which can effectively improve the male reproductive ability and make the prostate more healthy.

3. Jogging

Running can mobilize the major muscle groups of the human body and let them get sufficient exercise, effectively strengthen the body, improve the overall resistance, and effectively avoid prostatitis caused by low resistance.
At the same time, it's also helpful for the running of the prostate to move forward. When running is too fierce, you may need to pay attention to the speed.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a whole-body exercise. It can effectively promote the body's blood circulation. And when exchanging legs, the tension of water can be used to massage the prostate. At the same time, swimming plays a significant role in improving the cardiopulmonary function and human resistance, which is also helpful for the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases.

Generally speaking, squatting, anal movement, jogging, and swimming have significant effects on prostatitis prevention and treatment. Friends with bad prostate may as well do more. However, exercise therapy can only play a certain auxiliary role.

If you get prostatitis, go to the hospital to examine and receive appropriate treatment when necessary. Only in this way can the harm of prostate disease be reduced as much as possible.

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