Have You ever heard the words, ‘If I had only known, I would have________’. I have a few times. I wonder if that may be part of the reason that I receive premonitions. That I did not deep down, really ever want to be saying those words myself.

I did not always accept that this was part of my psychic experience though. I started this leg of my psychic journey being quite upset and angry that I would be given this information in regards to death and dying about someone I knew and not be given any information that allowed me to do something about it. After experiencing it enough times I can only ask to be able to handle it with as much grace as I can uncover, in the situation.

Remember that premonitions that show a death or dying do not always mean that there will be an actual physical death. They can also indicate an extreme change in an individuals belief system, the completion of a relationship, the loss of a career or job, or the loss of something of great meaning to the individual concerned.

There is a difference between an actual premonition of death and another. Some are for the sole purpose of preventing a death. Then there are others that are received for the 4 reasons outlined below.

1) Accepting the reality of the loss. Knowing that there is a possibility of letting another go physically causes deep understanding about what that person means to You and how it could affect your life. This one is summed up for me with acceptance and, ‘It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’

2) Adapting to a new environment without whoever has died. A gentle reminder to look after your own physical business and gradually fill your life with activities and others, that are independent of who You have had a premonition about.

3) Reinvesting emotional energy in new areas. Is your happiness tied up in another or are You being responsible for your own emotional requirements to be fulfilled and joyful?

4) Rediscovering meaning in life. A big old reminder that when we fear death we may be missing out on some or all of what life has to offer. Especially because death is part of living the full experience of the cycle of life. By facing death we can then get really clear with ourselves about what honestly deserves our attention in this life.

Although it may be challenging, there is an opportunity to see the kind of premonitions that contain no information about how to prevent another individual passing, as a kindness to the receiver. To allow the shock factor to be less and the whole process of grieving and release to happen more gently.

It becomes a perfect opportunity for appreciation, in the now, for the individual leaving this plane of existence. A way to ensure that You can choose to leave no words unsaid and no love held back. That You may have an opportunity to celebrate their life more fully, before they change from physical.

If You do feel You are having premonitions about an actual death around You, please do find someone that is open to this possibility and supportive of You to talk to.

A last note: Premonitions of this sort fall under the golden rules of being psychic. The information came to You, if You are not receiving a really loud clear message to share it with the person in the premonition, please avoid sharing it with them directly. Use compassion and if possible allow space for discussions that may let them become more clear about what is valuable to them, in this life time, to say and do.

I now accept that these premonitions serve me and I hope if You experience this type of 'seeing' psychically, then You will find the silver lining as well.

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