Everything comes from God. The sky above you, the soil you walk on, the air you breathe – all of these are part of His creation. Without Him, you would not have anything. Even though you might not always recognize it, God has been showering your life with blessings since the day you were born. For this reason alone, it is only necessary that you show your love to God as much as possible.

Leelia Cornell’s spiritual and inspiring book In the Shadow of God’s Love particularly emphasizes the importance of proclaiming God by living Him. This book by Leelia Cornell basically points out that proclaiming God and showing your love to Him should be a constant habit. To proclaim God, you must live God every single day. Proclaiming the name of God in everything that you are and everything that you do is a demonstration of your genuine love for Him. If you are wondering how you can further prove your sincere love for God in simple but powerful ways, then keep reading. This article lists down below some of the great ways to demonstrate your love for God.

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