Your smile is one of the first things that someone sees when they meet you. Your mouth can express a smile, a smile is reflected in your eyes, and your overall facial features can also relay a smile. There are several ways you can bring out the natural beauty of your smile and have it be worth remembering.

Protect Your Skin

It is important to protect your skin from over-exposure to the sun. Getting low doses of the sun provides your body with vitamin D and is necessary for optimal health. Getting too much sun exposure can cause damage to the skin which can lead to wrinkles, premature aging, and other forms of skin damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen to your skin and an SPF lip balm to your lips to protect your skin from damage while spending extra time in the sun.

Whiten Teeth Naturally

Your teeth are the most prominent part of the face that people will notice when you smile. As we get older our teeth have a tendency to discolor from aging and the foods we eat. They can also become stained from things such as alcohol and tobacco. Consider using a natural teeth whitener such as an organic teeth whitening charcoal powder to ensure that you’re showing your healthiest and whitest smile.

Stay Hydrated

Skin that isn’t hydrated enough can result in dry skin which can also lead to wrinkles. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and will also suffer from dehydration if you aren’t getting an adequate amount of daily fluids. While they are many different recommendations on how much water we really need to drink in a day, the common consensus is generally half a gallon of water per day.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you think of the skin on your face as the backdrop or canvas for art then you’ll probably agree that it is important to take care of that canvas. There are different types of natural skin products on the market that are intended for oily, normal, and dry skin. Choosing the right facial cleansers and lotions for your skin type can go a long way in maintaining a beautiful backdrop for that smile.
Drinking plenty of water, protecting your skin from too much sun, using natural teeth whitener, and ensuring that you are giving your skin exactly what it needs to look and feel healthy are just some of the many ways that you can bring out the natural beauty in your smile.

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