Heart health is something that needs sustained effort to achieve. It is a culmination of number of factors, not just one. The cardiological system is an intricate one, which keeps your body doing whatever it does throughout the day, without fail. Having said that, there are certain simple things you can do to reduce risk factors and help your heart. Here are 4 super-easy hacks to a healthy heart, you can do effortlessly.

  1. Sleep More
  2. This is the easiest hack of all. Adequate sleep (7-8 hrs.) is a key factor in overall health. This holds especially true for heart health, according to cardiologists. Plan accordingly and get into bed earlier than you are used to. Taking a nap in the middle of the day after lunch is also beneficial, if you are able to. Sneak in more sleep and you’ll see its benefits in many ways, including heart health.

  3. Reduce stress
  4. This may not be easy, but can go a long way in not only promoting heart health, but overall health. Focusing on your breath in times of stress, taking deep breaths and sitting still in silence is one of the fastest ways to lower your stress levels. Taking your stress down a notch or two will have positive affect on your heart health as well as your brain health.

  5. Laugh!
  6. Laughter is the best medicine. This old maxim wasn’t coined for nothing. Laughter reduces stress, increases blood flow and releases endorphins which make one feel good and decrease pain. Watch a funny video, reminisce about funny things of the past with your friends or family and bring a little joy into your life. A belly laugh every day or two is amazing for heart and overall health.

  7. Pet an animal

Can petting an animal really help your heart? Yes. Petting your dog or cat, has been scientifically proven to release endorphins, lower stress causing cortisol and epinephrine and thus elevate your heart health. Soak up the relaxation that your furry friend can offer you.

So now go! And make the best of these 4 invaluable tips that not only benefit your heart health but your life in general.

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