The quality of your home should allow you to feel comfortable and at ease when spending time in the space. Over time, the property can begin to feel old and outdated. If you want to increase your property value and feel like you're rich in the space, there are a few home improvement projects to consider.


  1. Quartz Countertops


One of the most important features of kitchens or bathrooms are the countertops, which determine the overall style of the space and can boost the value of the home. Although marble is known for being a regal and sleek material to install, it can be costly when covering large surface areas. Quartz countertops are increasing in popularity for their affordability and their look, which mimics marble. Install it in the home and match it with light cabinets to create a visually appealing design that looks chic and updated.


Quartz countertops look beautiful when paired with brass or gold hardware in the room with the handles and knobs that are installed on the cabinets. The color shade of the material also creates a light and airy setting in smaller spaces.


  1. Inground Pool


One of the best ways to boost the aesthetics of your backyard is by installing an inground pool. Inground pools not only allow you to spend time with your family members and friends during the warmer months of the year, but they also look beautiful and will work as the focal point of the outdoor setting.


Inground pools in Naples can feature beautiful rock details and sheer water walls to create a luxurious environment that feels serene. You can also consider adding fountains, jets and bubblers, spillover spas, and large rocks that will make the pool feel like a lagoon.


Some pools also feature fire pits and barbecues, which can make it easier to entertain and continue spending time in the water at night. Ledge loungers are another trend for inground pools and offer a place to lay out and tan without getting out of the water. The feature will make the backyard look like a resort and can include sleek lounge chairs that can stay in the water.


  1. Barn Doors


Barn doors are one of the latest trends for residential homes due to their rustic style and the functionality that they offer homes. The barn doors easily slide back and forth and can increase the level of privacy that is available in an office or a playroom. The product is easy to open and close and is also an ideal option for closets instead of installing curtains or standard doors.


Barn doors can be constructed out of reclaimed wood, which will add extra warmth to the home and will have a high level of contrast. It also offers a distinctive, upscale design and can be painted white to create a more modern design in the home.


  1. Pedestal Tubs


Pedestal tubs are a classic addition to bathrooms that will work as the focal point of the room and will incorporate plenty of drama when making it the centerpiece of the space. The tubs are sleek and stylish when you want to make a statement in a guest bathroom or master bath. Consider installing a dramatic chandelier over the tub for plenty of balance that looks chic.


Freestanding sculpture tubs can also look modern and classy when you want the home to appear sleek. Consider adding a backsplash behind the tub with plenty of plants, which is commonly seen in luxury homes.


Enhancing the style and design of your home will allow it to feel regal and cozy when you want a beautiful place to spend time in each day. By making improvements on the interior and exterior setting, you can feel proud to show off the space to your guests and will feel rich due to the features and materials that are installed.

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