You may have many plans for your retirement years. Enjoying the outdoors, engaging in your favorite hobby, taking in arts and cultural events or simply reading or enjoying long walks. Many retirees choose to find the most advantageous location to enjoy these activities, with suitable housing, a low cost of living and other factors. Here are four of the most relaxing locations that can ensure you make the most of your retirement time.

Lakeland, Florida

Florida’s year-round sunshine and warm temperatures are still a big draw for retirees from around the country. Lakeland lies between Tampa and Orlando, in an area with many housing choices and a full range of conveniences for seniors. You can enjoy the beach, take the grandkids to the Disney Parks or enjoy the areas many restaurants and cultural events. The many lakes in the area make owning a boat or having waterfront property a more affordable prospect in Lakeland than in coastal areas of the state.

Statham, Georgia

Whether you enjoy time at the beach, a respite in a mountain setting or a hike in a wooded area, the state of Georgia offers many amenities for retirees. Maybe you enjoy the arts and culture of a big city like Atlanta, or the educational opportunities of a college town like Athens. Statham, Georgia offers a wealth of choices for your leisure time. The state is experiencing an uptick in construction, with new homes being added at a significant rate to accommodate families, empty nesters and retirees who want to enjoy the many amenities in the state.

Fort Collins, Colorado

This city of 149,000 offers a small town feel and all the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Fort Collins is more affordable than other areas of the state and proximity to Denver International Airport. Outdoor activities are a favorite in this city, but it also offers a variety of cultural experiences. Colorado State University and a community college offer educational opportunities. Plenty of shopping, restaurants and senior centers are available in the city.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

North Carolina has enjoyed an influx of retirees attracted by the states milder climate and low housing costs. Winston-Salem is a city with all the amenities, but with a small town feel that makes it easy for retirees to feel comfortable. Nearby universities, many new businesses and a vibrant arts scene make Winston-Salem a desirable choice for retirees.

Finding the right retirement destination requires consideration of a number of different factors, including cost of living, weather, entertainment options and proximity to transportation. Each person must determine the right mix of these options for their own personal needs. These four locations offer many benefits for those who want a relaxing retirement.

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