One of the beauties of a press release is that it is to the point. This is no feature article where you get the privilege of beating around the bush. Nor is this an advertisement that can create fancy depiction of things. Press release is a fact-based notice that you send to media and other concerned people to inform about your forthcoming launch, event, celebration, or announcement.

When you write a press release, you must adopt a no-frills style. This isn’t the place to brandish your vocabulary with flamboyant words. Be simple in language. Come to the point right from the beginning.

One of the things in writing a press release is that you need not create a plot first. This is because you aren’t writing a story. You are informing the media about something important. So, you must simply tell the fact at once. Focus on who, what, why, where, and when.

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Grab attention
Headline is your ‘hook’ by which you can grab attention, even freeze a person in their tracks.

Just one line and it tells the whole story, yet keeps some suspense so as to urge the reader to read more.

That’s what your headline should be.

“ABC restaurant is all set to host a Christmas party with buffet dinner and celebrity presence.”
“XYZ company launches an exclusive 7-day bumper sale on clothes and gift items.”
“AB Bakery is offering freshly baked, Limited Edition sugar-free Christmas cakes.”

Open the suspense
Once you have grabbed the reader’s attention, it is not time to disclose important information regarding the event or launch. Do it straightaway in the first paragraph.

There are instances when reporters have space crunches and cannot publish the whole press release. So, even if they cut your paragraphs, there already is enough information in the first paragraph to make it clear to your audience what you want to talk about.

“On December 25, Wednesday, from 7:30 pm onwards, ABC restaurant will host a Christmas party featuring buffet dinner under the elite presence of a celebrity, which is a surprise. For reservations, call (number).”

“Starting from December 21, 9 am, XYZ company is offering bumper sale on clothes for men, women, and kids, plus gift items. The sale will end on December 27, 10 pm.”

“AB bakery has come up with a freshly baked bunch of sugar-free Christmas cakes. They are available till stocks last. Call (number) for home delivery.”

Inform in detail
The second paragraph of your press release must contain details of your launch or event. You can add more information about the event or product.

For example, in the above case, AB bakery can give more information about their cakes. XYZ company can explain their collection of clothes, while ABC restaurant can talk more about their dinner menu and party highlights.

Add a boilerplate at the end. It should contain information about the company, the venue, and the people who are hosting the event.

End your press release with the name and contact details of the person to whom the media should contact.

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