When most people think of car accidents and injuries, they assume the crash has to have occurred at high speeds and been very violent. However, many more people are actually injured annually in minor car accidents. Yet just as those victims of more serious accidents, injuries take place that require significant medical treatment, force time off from one's job, and result in daily pain and suffering. As for which injuries are typical in these situations, here are four of the most common.


Perhaps the most common injury after what was deemed to be a minor car accident, whiplash usually occurs when you have your car rear-ended by another vehicle. As a result, your neck snaps back and forth like a whip, hence the term whiplash. Unfortunately, the resulting pain in your neck, shoulders, and back will be due to herniated discs in your neck and compressed spinal nerves. In many cases, extensive physical therapy or even surgery are needed to correct the problem.

Back Injuries

Whether it is a severe straining of back muscles, herniated cervical or lumbar discs, or other related injuries, you will almost always suffer back injuries after a minor car accident. Since you may need anything from steroid injections and physical therapy to spinal fusion surgery afterwards, always consult with a personal injury lawyer to gain compensation for your injuries.

Bruised Ribs

Even though you will be wearing your seat belt when your car accident takes place, you may still suffer bruised ribs that will be extremely painful for many weeks following your accident. Occurring when your chest hits against the steering wheel during a rear-end collision, bruised ribs will be painful each and every time you take a breath. Since bruised ribs take a minimum of several weeks to heal, expect to miss a significant amount of time from your job.

Broken Arms or Legs

Even in a minor car accident, many victims still suffer broken arms or legs. Whether you have a rear-end collision, are hit broadside, or it is a head-on collision at lower speeds, arms and legs can snap due to the sudden and unexpected impact from the other vehicle. Whether it is your arm hitting against the steering wheel or your legs and knees hitting the dash from below, these injuries are very painful and require extensive recuperation time.

If you are now suffering from injuries sustained in a minor car accident that was caused by a negligent and careless driver, contact a personal injury lawyer at once.

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