When you think about the nurse, a female figure comes into mind as it's a profession that only related to women. From the old days, this trend comes with the same manners. But now the time has changed and it brings new addition in the medical field. Now you can see the male nurse as well in the hospital. But this range is high in America but other countries are also promoting male nurse for many reasons. Patients are more comfortable with them because of their friendly attitude. Surprisingly the number of male nurses is increasing day by day because of their popularity. Here are some interesting reasons for increasing trend of Being a Male Nurse in 2018.

1. The physical power of male nurse:

Male and female both are different from each other, biologically and emotionally. Men are more physically strong than women. So when it comes to deal with heavy patients and lifting them, here male nurses are in action. Sometimes in case of any violent patient, male nurses are used to handling them physically. Females can't hold a person so for such duties male nurses get in demand in every hospital now. They can take patients along with walk and can easily push their wheel chairs and many other physical tasks.

2. Religious thoughts and beliefs:

Some Islamic countries have restrictions about females to handle male patients. So in that situation, male nurses are getting an increase to take care of male patients. The patient also feels satisfied with the dealing of same gender because they use to deal with their daily routine works like changing clothes and bathing etc. So religiously it could be a reason for increasing their numbers. Sometimes females are feeling hesitation in doing such acts. Except for religious view, there are many cases in which female got harassed by the patients so in that case, male nurses are useful in dealing with every category of patients.

3. Dependability of a male nurse:

Male nurses are also famous because of their attitude towards their patients. We are not saying that females don't have any humor or they are not friendly with their patients but the way males can use humor or attitude, females can't do it sometimes because of religious restrictions or maybe not find it comfortable. But males are very open and having a good sense of humor that helps them in cheering sad patients.

4. Different ways of dealing with problems:

A strong mind and sharp attempt in an emergency are also found as a skill that is demand in this profession. Though women are also very good at facing many problems because of vision and maturity, males use unique ways to handle problems. On the other hand, females sometimes get stuck in one problem. But males are sharp and active enough to deal with any kind of situation.

They can easily tackle every situation calmly and maturely. They can easily solve all the problems one by one. Their strong mind helps them in serving their duties.

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