Investing is one thing that everyone wants to do; however, they rarely do that. Many people think that investment is a risky affair, particularly, for a beginner. The uncertainty of investment has surprised many experts and pundits. Besides the risks, there are several myths that confuse investors. These myths could keep you away from investing and growing money. Some of the investment myths that young people are likely to believe are as follows:

Investment is very risky

Many young people do not prefer investing as they think it is similar to gambling. Definitely, investing in one asset can prove very risky. However, investing in a wide market over the years has good odds. There is always a risk element involved in investing. Some investments are riskier compared to others.

The market is always cycling and it is filled with lows and highs. Many people make money in the share market by focusing on risk compared to focusing on returns. Once you measure the risks, returns shall flow automatically. It does not really matter whether you are a billionaire trader or a small trader, you can trade effectively with capital.

IPO indicates sure and quick money

For every IPO, there are other IPOs where you may lose money. When a good listing receives plenty of media attention, investors expect the same kind of return from other initial offerings. The decision for investment in IPO must be based on fundamental analysis and the valuation the stock is offered.

IPOs have become a rage at the time of bull markets and merchant bankers set up steep valuations as they believe that positive sentiment shall attract money at higher valuations. In such a scenario, investors pay much more. If the company cannot deliver the results with such heightened expectations, it results in a loss.

Investment and Gambling are same

This is a common misconception related to investing. When people hear traders playing in a stock market, they think it is quite similar to bets placing in a casino such as This is the way professional investment works. Investors research companies and assets prior to paying for bonds or stocks. The professionals follow industry trends, read analysis reports, and keep up with the updated news. Some people purchase assets or stocks without doing any research.

It can be said that people are gambling instead of investing. High-risk investing forms need careful assessments. Financiers take risks, however, after understanding the risk level that is not similar to gambling.

Investing needs a lot of money

It may seem that an investor needs you to be rich enough. However, this does not seem to be true. Casual investing does not always need that the person should be wealthy. You may begin investing without a dollar. You can invest in small amounts and expect returns. You can open a saving account and put money in that account. This is also a kind of investment. Lack of money should not stop you from making investments. What really matters is that you must invest wisely.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.