Businessmen have to be very organized because every day they have to accomplish several tasks. They have to attend meetings, solve several major and minor issues, get updates on several projects, and at the same time connect with their clients and colleagues. There are maximum possibilities that they might miss out on one or the other thing but, thanks to iPhone those busy bees can now organize each day efficiently with the help of its amazing applications. Apple has stuffed lots of useful applications into iPhone that help personnel to keep their important tasks right at their fingertips and accomplish their everyday tasks with perfect ease.

However, among those several applications, there are four applications that bring all work-related information right in front of you at moment's notice.


When you're trying to organize events, then calendar is the very first application that comes into your notice. For a businessman, a calendar works like a mini diary where he can plan his events for a day, a week or even for a month. With the help of this application, you can plan important events way ahead and at the same time you can just stay focused on one thing by planning and checking events of the current date. You can even see the events of one entire week together by rotating your iPhone to landscape mode. Whether it is attending an important board meeting or adding new assignments, Calendar brings everything to your notice immediately.


If iPhone has become a hot favorite among corporate people, then it has big reasons for this popularity. This smartphone makes a simple application like Contacts so beneficial for its users that without its assistance they find it hard to manage their contacts. Contacts in iPhone isn't simply a place to put names and numbers but, it's a place where you can save IM addresses, websites, anniversaries, birthdays and every important information that you would require. You can even add important dates and notes to any contact. So, if you want to send an important message to any of your clients or colleagues, just go to Contacts, get their email address and send a message with a tap.


iPhone's Mail is popularly addressed as the intelligent inbox. You write, reply, send, read and forward so many email messages in a day. But, at times, it becomes hard to keep up with so many emails. Well, it isn't hard anymore because iPhone's Mail makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your emails. With iPhone, your emails travel with you, and you can keep up with your messages without stopping your work. You just need to ask Siri to write and send your mails. This app also allows you to log into more than one account, and check all your inbox separately and switch between them easily. This iPhone application works with the most popular email providers that include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail and Microsoft Exchange. This application also supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts for business. It even works with the most industry-standard POP and IMAP mail systems.


Stop filling your workstation with sticky notes because Reminders is here to help you. This iPhone application helps you to remember everything that you need to do, and it even makes sure that those works get done by constantly sending you alert. You can set your reminders by deadlines, locations, priorities, or you can even create custom-made lists. When your tasks get closer to the due dates, Reminders does its task. So, no matter how many to-dos you have in your list, Reminders reminds you to do them all. The best thing is Siri and Reminders work together with Location Services, and as you soon as you arrive at your location, you get the reminder.

For a layman, these are four simple applications but, when they are on iPhone, you cannot expect them to be simple anymore as every single application in this smartphone is meant to make things easier for you. As for businessmen, iPhone is an extremely useful device that has simplified their work process by providing them with its amazing built-in applications. But, a great thing about iPhone is it has allowed people to run customized applications in it, and if developed properly, the customized apps work just like the native apps. This helps people to leverage maximum benefits from this platform.

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