Having several versions of the Holy Bible is an absolute essential for a career in a Christian religious ministry. A Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible which includes a concordance, a topical index to the Bible, a dictionary of the Hebrew Bible and a dictionary of the Greek Testament could be helpful. Access to a print or digital Bible commentary would also be beneficial. And, because you must make a good impression, whether in the pulpit or out in the community, proper religious attire is of utmost importance.

Modest and Sharp Apparel

Whether or not it is fair, clothes do make the person. In this case, the pastor. People do not care for clergy to appear before the congregation or representing their religious organization in the community looking rumpled and unkempt. Parishioners expect their religious leaders and their spouses to dress modestly, and to not look as though they just came in from a nightclub. So, wearing pants that are too tight or dresses that are way too short and showing a lot of cleavage or chest area, are a definite faux pas.

Choosing Proper Attire

At the very least, pastors should wear a clergy collar and a dark suit or dress or a dark suit with a tie. It also would not hurt to wear a cross. Depending on the denomination and the pastor's position in the church, he or she should consider the purchase of a clergy robe, pastor stoles, or a cassock.

Church and Community Dress

Author Thom S. Rainer of Church Answers states that when choosing what to wear, pastors should be cognizant of the demographics of their church and community. Rainer says pastors should look at how other pastors in the community dress. They can also look at the attire of members of their own congregation and how they dress for worship. Specifically, pastors should look at members of the pastor's gender and the garments they wear to get a better expectation about dress.

A Matter of Style Can Cause Divisions

The attire of a pastor could become an unnecessary and divisive issue in the life of their religious career. It is important that the pastor comprehends the emotional attachment many members have about what they believe a pastor should and should not wear. Even if members are dressed in jeans and T-shirts, they could still expect their pastor to lead worship service in a suit and tie. If the congregation desires for the pastor to dress more formally, but the pastor has a more relaxed style, the onus is on the pastor to recognize the needs of the congregation over the pastor's personal preference.

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