When parents seek for childcare and early learning centres, it is essential that they get find the best one to provide the best care to their little kids.  Needless to say, children who receive quality care services in the most suitable environment have been seen to have a quick response to learning in grade school. Moreover, the role of any centre of early learning in Western Sydney is to help kids develop social skills besides mathematical, language and creative skills.

So, what are the indicators of high quality early learning? This article will discuss them. Read the next section to know the key aspects that denote quality early learning services is provided by a childcare centre. 

Environmental Adaption

This is the foremost important thing to look for i.e. whether the rooms or classes, learning equipment, and the space around the centre are adapted to the children’s preference. Children below 2-3 years are not able to move confidently. Hence, the physical space must be made safe for their access with non-slippery floors and soft carpets. The teachers and nurse assistants should arrange the materials, including benches, desks, boards, and toys in the way that there’s enough room for their safe movement and interactions.

Adult Involvement

Everyone from teachers to care staff should be compassionate and attentive to the kids. It is for this reason, the centres of daycare in Wentworthville emphasise a lot on the involvement of staff with kids interactions and implement social learning programs for that.  They create opportunities for the toddlers to engage in peer interactions such as storytelling, puzzle-solving or rhyming, and spontaneously they engage with them in those interactions.

Engaging Activities and Play Time

It is essential to keep up the interests of the kids in the childcare centre so that it’s easier for the parents to leave them at the centre daily for hours. The teachers and staff should hence initiate free-choice activities like outdoor and indoor games, painting, dancing, singing, clay modelling, gardening or pets feeding. The kids should be given the opportunity to choose the activity of their interest and even partners or playmates.

Good Communication with Parents

There must be smooth both-way communication facilities between the parents and members of the childcare centre. The parents should be able to get updates anytime on their children and their learning progress. Likewise, the teachers must be able to contact the parents anytime to report about any issue or concerns regarding their child. Uninterrupted communication is essential to ensure that the parents are relaxed during the time their kids are in the daycare.

Apart from these key aspects, there’s another aspect that the centre of early learning in Western Sydney which you choose must ensure. It’s security! The must be all security facilities, including CCTVs and cameras, fire alarms to trained security personnel at every exit point to make sure that children are safe in the premises of the daycare. 

Author's Bio: 

Lyn Aqua is a child psychologist and an ex-educator at a centre of daycare of Wentworthville. She is passionate about writing blogs that can help preschools and centres of early learning in western Sydney and other regions to improve their quality of learning and care of kids.