Traditionally women used to wear engagement rings as a symbol of commitment with their partner. But with time the tradition has changed and now both the man and the women wear couple or engagement rings to commemorate their love. These are much more light and emotional bonds than a guarantee of financial stability. Indeed both men and women work hard to support themselves and manage the cost of engagement rings. 

Engagement rings for men have come a long way, and nowadays, you are very unlikely to see the flat gold bands. Instead, hand-friendly, personalize, or customized platinum or gold rings have replaced them. So, if you are planning to buy a ring for your boyfriend, follow our guidelines given below to end up with the trending style rings.

  • Modern metallic rings

Gone are the days when yellow gold for white metallic rings was the first go-to choice for wedding or engagement bands. At present, you will find Carbon fiber combined with white or rose gold, Titanium and tantalum, and platinum as primary elements of men's engagement rings. Carbon is a lightweight and durable material that, when mixed with gold, looks very well. These rings symbolize that you will go through every windy path with your partner together. 

Whereas Titanium and tantalum hard wearing metals which look very lavish and represent an active lifestyle. Both of these are lightweight comfortable and have textured finishing. You can choose simple metallic rings if you are looking for an affordable yet sophisticated alternative of expensive and lavish rings. Titanium rings look contemporary and outstanding.

  • Personalized or customized rings

If you are looking for contemporary men's engagement rings, customize the ring. Choose a platinum ring because they are durable and carve your partners and your middle name inside the ring.we will advise you to avoid the match finishes and add a few decorative details to them, such as a small gemstone or chip on the facing side.

You can combine Carbon fiber with other colors such as red, green, beige, teal, or any of your lover's favorite colors to inject a contemporary touch to it that helps the ring to stand out. 

  • Gemstone engagement rings

If your boyfriend loves classical styles, you can go for gemstone or classical rings. They usually have a line of diamonds or other expensive stones either vertically or horizontally in the middle of the band. Most of the men like sapphire or black diamonds. So if you can afford them, go for it without having a second thought. 

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, you can opt for rubies, Emeralds, or cubic zirconia. For a hairline budget, you should consider buying a simple band with a few regular stones in the center.

  • Fashion rings

If your guy loves fashion and trending items, you can surprise him with some Irish Claddagh ring instead of traditional bands. These rings feature a heart, or a grown symbol adds the top site that symbolizes love, friendship, loyalty, and devotion. 

An exciting feature about these rings is that they are worn on the left hand with the heart facing away from the body, and once your guys are married, the heart-shaped points towards the body.

Increase your ring does not have a heart shape; you can merely buy any stainless steel ring with round or over a black onyx stone carved in the middle.

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