Chronic back pain should never be accepted as an unavoidable aspect of growing older. In the vast majority of cases, this discomfort can be taken care of with professional help and a few lifestyle changes. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain and a few things you can do to avoid injuring your spine.

1. Bad Posture

Consciously attempting to improve your posture can have a dramatic impact on your back pain. Many specialists suggest squeezing the shoulder blades together to pull the spine into the proper position. You can also stretch for five or ten minutes every hour to decompress any joints that have become stiff. Stretching is especially important if you tend to sit for long periods of the day.

2. Improper Lifting Techniques

Lifting heavy items isn't the only way to injure your back. People often hurt themselves simply from bending over incorrectly. Especially if you are prone to back injuries, then you should always bend your knees and use your legs to lift heavy items. Once you have the item in your hand, it should be carried between your waist and chest. That will give you the most control over the weight and lessen the pressure on your lower back.

3. Weekend Injuries

After sitting at a desk for dozens of hours every week, you might feel compelled to be as active as possible during the weekends. While you should get as much exercise as possible, it is vital that you stretch before playing sports or lifting weights. Sometimes people can strain back muscles, which may also pull your vertebrae out of proper alignment. Those who suffer from back pain due to misaligned vertebrae may benefit from an appointment with a chiropractor from Fulk Chiropractic or a firm in your particular area.

4. Degenerative Disorders

It is an unfortunate fact that some people develop back injuries simply because of their genetics. Some of these degenerative disorders can be painful, but many people are able to manage their discomfort with a few basic lifestyle changes. In addition to staying at a healthy weight, it is also important to avoid any situations that might worsen the inflammation. That includes playing contact sports, lifting heavy items, or staying in a single position for a long period of time.

While medication might lessen the pain for a short period of time, painkillers are not a long-term solution. Patients who continue to struggle with back pain should speak with a doctor about their long-term treatment options.

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