Compared to other drugs, weeds are a far better option. There are many places today where medical weeds have been decriminalised. In fact, many countries have completely legalised this for the adults. With the increased social acceptance of the pots and its users, the time has emerged when you learn to live with it by learning to reduce the proper usage that will help reduction of the health issues.

Below are enlisted some of the ways in which cannabis can be enjoyed without adversely affecting your health in a great way.

  • Inhale but don’t hold your breath – You can inhale deeply but try not to hold the smoke once you have inhaled it. You should keep it in mind that once the smoke filled air coats the frail membranes of the cilia of the lungs, there will be no further absorption of the cannabis no matter for how long you hold it. This is very quickly absorbed through the lungs but the same does not happen with tar. It is absorbed much more slowly. Therefore, if you hold for quite a long time, then this is going to further irritate your lungs with the gummy tars together with carbon monoxide. So avoid holding the inhaled smoke.
  • Pipes are very useful – Smoke is dry and hot and it is capable of making your mouth dry. You throat also gets dried up as a result of which you are more susceptible to cold and flu. But when you use a pipe, its stem cools the smoke a bit. An arm’s length stem is sufficient for this. Usually the longer the stem that better cooling takes place. An additional perk of this is that it keeps the lighter or toothpick or match far away from your mouth. Moreover the smoke also never gets to your eyes.
  • Prefer organic if possible – Just like you tend to avoid any fruit that is preserved with insecticides and fungicides and go for an organic fruit that tastes better same is for this cannabis. There are many chemical fertilizers like that of ammonium nitrate that is often found in homemade bombs. This is surely capable of blowing your mind.
  • Waterpipes to be used carefully – Bongs or water pipes are capable of cooling the smoke but they do not moisten it as the popular belief is. The water is capable of capturing some amount of water soluble toxins like hydro carbons and hydrogen cyanide. It is a general trend to fill the water pipes with cold water. This undoubtedly cools off the smoke but hot water traps the tar in a much better way than cold water. So it is advisable that you should fill the bong with hot water for better absorption of tar.

The above are some of the tips to reduce health risks that are involved in smoking tars.

Author's Bio: 

The author Ron Spencer has been using smoke box and smoke box case for many years now. He personally follows the above tips so that he can reduce the effect of smoking pots and is immensely benefited.