If you are not trained enough for riding a horse for the first time, you can make some common mistakes that most riders make. It may feel not very comforting to ride a horse, but it seems easier to ride. This conflict may drive you to make more mistakes about which this article will discuss a little.

Not Focusing Straight: The most common mistakes beginner riders make is not looking up straight. They tend to focus on the horse and their grip instead of where they are headed. The problem with not focusing front is it makes you lose balance and control over the situation.

Besides, if you keep bending your neck down and feel
nervous with your knees, the horse will feel more weight on the back that makes it go messy. Therefore, you should always see in front of your path while horse riding Birmingham.

Not Getting Enough Control with the Reins: You are nervous and excited simultaneously, making you lose control of the reins. When you don’t hold the reins correctly, the horse can go out of control. It would help if you didn’t release the hands from both of the reins.

You can also fall from the horse if you fail to hold them right. It’s better to keep your hands at your hip level.

Getting a Tight Grip on the Reins: You are told to hold the reins properly. But it doesn’t mean you have to pull the reins tighter.

However, your nervousness can hold the grip either tight or lose it all. But it would help if you always focused on the reins’ grip you are having.

If the grip is too tight and pressurizing, it can be less comfortable for the horse to run correctly. Make sure you are not hurting its comfort in the first place.

Not Wearing Safety Gears: You may feel confident and try not to wear any safety gear when riding the horse.

But you are doing it wrong. No matter how trained and professional you are, it’s always suggested to take the proper footwear, favourable outfit, helmet, and other gear that will keep you safe.

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