As winter comes, we need to cover the pool surface with a pool cover to keep the pool and the water clean and fresh. However, even after a lot of maintenance, sometimes we find problems occurring to the pool covers during winter, and our minds get lost.
Don’t worry, here are the most common winter pool cover problems and possible solutions for them-

Tear in Cover: Tear or holes in cover could be from different sources. It may be because of a tree or animal falling, or too much debris accumulation on the cover.
Solution: If the hole isn’t too big, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one. Thanks to the technology that pool cover patches are there. Pool cover patches stop the holes from getting bigger and becoming a misery later.

The cover is Too Loose: If the cover is too big, it wouldn’t fit the pool accordingly. When it’s loose or slack, debris may accumulate faster, or even algae can grow on the cover.
Solution: For above-ground pools, you can use wall clips to hang the cover tightly but for in-ground pools, fold the extra cover portion underneath the edges and use additional water bags or aqua blocks to hold them tightly.

Lots of Water Accumulation on Cover: When literally tons of water accumulate on the pond covers, they may tear up, not enduring the weight. Such things occur during heavy rain or heavy snowfall.
Solution: Avoid scraping ice off the cover, as it may damage its surface. Instead, let them melt naturally and use a pool cover pump or a garden pump to remove the water.

Cover Falls into the Pool: Many times, we find the pool covers fallen into the pool. It happens when a strong wind comes or because it wasn’t tied up correctly.
Solution: If you notice your pool cover fallen into the pool, don’t just abruptly pool it. Instead, hold the sheet with both hands firmly, and pull it towards the ground slowly. Now, use more water bags to stick it to the deck.

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