Jumping castles have become ‘must-have’ in kid’s parties due to the enthralling fun and amusement it offers. For parents who look for unique ways to spruce up the party ambience and keep kids engaged with unlimited fun and excitement, jumping castles is the best option. Jumping castles offer great fun and amusement where kids delve into uncontrolled rolls as they jump high on the inflatable. 

If you have made up your mind to add a new dimension to your kid’s birthday party with a jumping castle, you need to keep a few essential things in mind.

Build Quality of the Inflatable

Hiring a bouncy castle for kids party entertainment in Sydney is a significant investment. Therefore, it’s essential to choose one that is durable and safe to withstand those high jumps. After all, you cannot risk your kid’s life and the guests attending the party. You need to check if the material matches up to the highest standards and one that is built to last. It's better to avoid lightweight materials as they might not be able to hold the pressure and may be risky for the attendees. 

Age and Weight Limitations

The best thing about jumping castles is that they come in varied shapes and sizes. While some are meant for toddlers and children between 3-5 years, others are specially designed for young adults. The latest models come with a standard weight limitation of up to 100 pounds. While looking for jumping castles for hire, it's essential to inquire about the age and weight restrictions so that kids can have safe playing while rolling inside the jumping castles.

Checking Out Power Requirements

Modern jumping castles are operated by power. Therefore, if you consider hiring jumping castles for your kid’s upcoming birthday, you need to enquire about the power requirements and arrange for sufficient power outlets. Most of the time, parents forget to consider this factor while organising party outdoors and end up with a financial loss. In case you don’t have sufficient power outlets at home or willing to organise kid’s party outdoors, you can ask the bouncy castle provider to arrange for a power generator. 

Placement of the Jumping Castle

While hiring jumping castles for birthday party entertainment in Sydney, you need to decide its placement at first. For that, you need to determine the size of the castle and location of the party so that you can plan its placement accordingly. While some jumping castles do not come with specific place requirements, others require concrete, carpet or specific surfaces. Therefore, the location of your event may have a significant impact on the bouncy castle you hire.

Ending Note

Planning for kids party entertainment in Blacktown can be expensive. If you are planning to make it unique by hiring a jumping castle, do check all these requirements so that the quality and safety are not compromised. Pay attention to all these minute details and study the websites to compare cost before the final move.

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The author is a party entertainer in a reputed company offering kids party entertainment in Sydney for years and keeps on informing readers with incredible ideas on birthday party entertainment in Sydney.