Carpets are your main floor cover that not only presents warmth and comfort to your feet but also keeps them clean. So, naturally, they are exposed to a wide variety of dirt, filth from the outside, not to forget the occasional spills and stains which land upon those expensive floor covers.

But being the owner of the house, it is your responsibility to ensure your carpet is regularly vacuumed and cleaned- especially if a new stain has landed on it. Now while some stains are relatively easier to remove, there are some stubborn ones which cease to leave your carpet fabrics. And removing them can take a lot of hard work.

On that note, here are 4 Nasty Stains You Don't Want to See on Your Expensive Carpets.

Coffee Stains:

It is a popular drink for many homeowners. But if they accidentally spill on your carpet, then its dark brown texture looks very unpleasant-especially if the carpet is light-toned.

If they are allowed to dry, then it can take a lot of effort to remove its stain from the carpet fibres. In addition, coffee stains also make your carpet smelly. And the more it is exposed to foot traffic, the more the odour will intensify.

Ink Spills:

If you have kids in the house, then this is one common carpet stain that you will have to deal with frequently. Regardless of whether it is from a fountain pain or from an ink cartridge, if they spill, dry-out and gets trodden into the carpet, then it is very difficult to get them out through DIY cleaning methods.

Blood Stains:

Small accidents like cutting your finger when unmindfully chopping vegetables or even simple nose bleeds can always happen due to acts of recklessness. But, if by chance the blood lands up on your carpet surface, then you need to clean them immediately.

It is the only chance you have of getting them out before they dry up and settle into your carpet.

Dried blood is one of the hardest stains to remove. So for starters, whenever you bleed, have the presence of mind to stay away from carpeted floors.

Melted Chocolate:

Everyone loves melted chocolate. But when they accidentally land up on your light coloured expensive carpets, that love affair quickly turns into a headache. Again the trick is to remove them as soon as they have landed on the surface because once they dry up and settle in, they can be almost impossible to remove with regular cleaning methods.

The Best Way to Deal with These Nasty Stains is Hiring Pro Carpet Cleaners

At times, even your best efforts may not be enough to protect your carpets from such stubborn stains. For those instances, it is best to hire carpet cleaning professional serving Hawthorn, Brighton and other neighbouring suburbs.

Delivering top-quality spot cleaning using their industry-specific tools and unique cleaning approach, they will remove any stubborn stain and leave your carpets looking spic and span.

So, unhesitantly get in touch with these experts if any of these nasty stains lands on your carpet. They are your best bet to removing them completely!

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a carpet cleaning company in Hawthorn and even delivers carpet cleaning services in Brighton and other nearby suburbs with a team of professional cleaners.