If your routine has gotten a bit stale and uninteresting, it may be time to take up a new hobby. A new activity can offer new ideas, research about equipment, learning new techniques and putting you in contact with new acquaintances. Outdoor activities offer a chance to increase your fitness level, reduce stress and enjoy the fresh air. Here are four new hobbies you can try to get outdoors more and enjoy new experiences.


Hiking is a simple outdoor hobby that can be combined with other interests, such as bird watching, photography or orienteering. A good pair of hiking boots, some sunscreen, a hat and water bottle are all you’ll need to start enjoying this healthy activity. As you begin to extend your hikes, you may want to acquire additional hiking gear, such as a compass, maps, trekking sticks and raingear. You can find a variety of environments to enjoy as you travel across the country.


Kayaking is a fun way to be out on the water, without an expensive boat or a huge carbon footprint. You can become familiar with the craft, safety requirements and basic paddle techniques at a rental facility. But soon, you will be interested in purchasing your own equipment and exploring the waterways in your locality and wherever you travel.


Hunting is one of the most essential of human activities that combines understanding of the outdoor environment, knowledge of animal behavior and skill with a weapon. Beginners should always rely on the careful training with an experienced hunter. In fact, many hunting clubs exist around the country to help new hobbyists learn the critical safety and tracking skills that make this hobby so satisfying. They can help you learn basic skills, safe operation and storage of hunting rifles, field dressing and even cooking. For an absorbing hobby that takes you back to the dawn of human evolution and survival, hunting can't be beat.


Cycling offers a physical challenge that gets you into the midst of every environment. Many cycling enthusiasts love for its physical workout and strategic aspects. It also provides graduated skill development, which can keep you from getting bored. You can find many environments in which to ride that will allow you to enjoy nature and the company of other enthusiasts. Your equipment can be basic at first, but you may find that many of the accessories help you to make your workout more enjoyable.

Starting a new hobby can be exciting and enriching. Don’t be afraid to expand your skills and abilities. Always remember to do a bit of research before you set out on a new activity. A variety of learning materials are available on any type of outdoor hobby that can help you enjoy the experience safely and effectively.

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