These there’s no one way to decorate your bathroom the right manner. There are so many designs, and ideas and not all of them make you splurge or tap into modernity. Hence, it depends on you what you would like your bathroom to look like.

A bathroom is an important part of a person’s life and home. As it looks after the house residents for providing comfort and relaxation, it must be functional and fulfilling to all duties. On top of that, it must look clean and clear at all times and not be cramped up. However, many small bathrooms aren’t built to handle these tasks well and make the visitors uncomfortable. For this reason, the following are some failsafe ideas for exotic yet functional bathrooms each house should include:

Make it Royal

Everybody dreams of such a farfetched bathroom space that includes an exquisite bathtub, chandeliers, and mirrors all over. Well, this can happen to your bathroom, too, without being too hard on the pocket. You can install a new tub or get the old one painted in white, along with all the walls. Turn your fixtures in gold or bronze and hang a collection of bulbs, or make a DIY lamp for a chandelier.

The bright colored walls will create an illusion of space, and the addition of a few more mirrors will as well. You can also get the floor remade in natural stones. Or get the whole scene created professionally by qualified bathroom builders in Melbourne to do the task in minimal expenditure.

Travel Back in Time

If you like to live in the past and vintage things make you happy, you must make your bathroom travel back in time to how they used to be in the 90s or 80s. You can purchase a cheap vintage mirror to fit the over the washbasin. The mirror is the main part of the bathroom; to make it look the part, you must add a wallpaper or wall paint with small and repetitive print and choose dull colors. Along these lines, install a dainty washbasin with a timeworn looking lamp to enlighten the area slightly.

Color it Childlike

Who doesn’t like to act or feel like a child from time to time? And if this is the vibe of your bathroom, it can help you feel like a child when there’s nobody nearby and relax. For this, you can paint your bathroom in a bright yellow, orange, or a floral theme – anything that resonates with your childhood or is appealing to your children. You can add fun frames in the edifice and other decorative things like a collection of shells, mints in a nicely shaped bowl, or fish-shaped pieces of glass. You can do anything you want with a bathroom like this, and don’t forget to add creative looking illumination.

Bring in the Spa

Every leisure lover would drool on a bathroom that has an interior resembling a spa and provides space to relax like nothing else. The interior of this bathroom will make you relax only with a look once created. But it doesn’t have to be expensive to procure. You can add a comfy tub on one side and keep the lighting dim. Include natural materials only, with bamboos infrastructures and wooden floors. Let the natural light shine in through full-frame windows and blinds. Keep the area with as minimal items as possible to relax your mind.

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