Most PPC-Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns (if not all) is like a maze. It seems easy to understand and navigate if you’re looking at it from afar. But once you dig deep into it, that’s when you’ll find it to be disheartening and confusing. 

So, how do you learn to make sense of it and work it to your advantage? Quality PPC marketing experts state that the secret to understanding PPC marketing campaign is to be clear about its basics and constantly learn from the common mistake committed by others in the industry. It is the only realistic way to avoid slip-ups, heartaches and save valuable time in the process.

To educate you further here’s pointing out 4 common PPC mistakes which can potentially ruin your marketing campaign.

1. Ignoring the Importance of Writing Good PPC Ads

Your PPC ad mainly has two purposes- Gathering leads with well-written ads and compelling potential clients to click on those ads. This may simple enough, expect writing good PPC ads can prove challenging simply because the writer needs to work with limited space and limited attention time.

Yet it is very much possible to write compelling PPC ads following these 3 key elements.

  • Properly understand and match the targeted customer’s goal to help them get what they are searching for
  • Picking the right words- or more specifically favouring lucid, one-syllable terms over long and tough to understand words
  • Including compelling facts, figures and even statistic numbers to help persuade the targeted audience to take your PPC ad seriously

2. Ignoring To Make Use of Ad Extensions

If you wish to get the best bang or your bucks, then it is recommended to include proper use of ad extensions in your PPC marketing campaign. By definition – Ad extensions are mainly snippets of info which helps Bing, Google (& other search engines) to understand that your ad is about. 

Plus it helps you provide these benefits –

  • Helps increase your PPC ad’s visibility
  • Increases the reach of your PPC ad
  • Improves its chances of getting more clicks
  • And augments the overall value of the PPC ads

3. Focussing On the Wrong Targeted Keywords

Keywords prove to be the heart of your PPC marketing campaign. And that makes using them an absolute necessity in writing PPC ads. Including the right targeted keywords allows your audience to find what they are looking for. 

Many local PPC experts serving across Sydney suggest making more use of long-tail keywords which consist of two or more key phrases resembling actual queries. And that gives your PPC ads a much better chance of being noticed by your targeted audience. 

Also, long-tail keywords comprise less competition as compared to short-term keywords and that allows you to get more number of quality leads from your targeted market.

4. Ignoring Negative Keywords

Another common mistake which many make in their PPC ads is ignoring to use negative keywords. The whole purpose of these negative keywords is to inform Google, Yahoo or Bing when to not display your ads.

Take for example – Say your business is about selling and shipping organic applies which means your targeted audience will be ones who want to purchase organic apples from you. 

Yet; you don’t want your ad to appear each time an end-user enters the phrases ‘Buy’ and ‘Apple’. 

Suppose they enter in the search query ‘Buy Apple iPhone’ to which your ad appears. On noticing your ad, they click on it only to be redirected to your organic apple-supply site and be disappointed. The worst part of all being; you have to pay for the ad. In short a complete loss of all your efforts and time!

But if you include negative keywords to your PPC ad, then you can set a list of phrases which you don’t want the ad to display. 

Simply put- adding negative keywords to your PPC ads only helps you get more control over who sees your ads.

Now that you are aware of these 4 common PPC mistakes; try your best to not repeat them. Or better yet, enlist help from a reliable PPC Marketing Agency in Sydney to come up with flawless and lead-generating ad campaigns.

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